The national Youth Backgammon Championship has ended and “Chess City” has a new champion

2022-05-15 0 By

Chess city has a new champion!After three days and nine rounds of fierce competition, the 2021 National Gobang Youth Championship ended on Sunday, with the Gobang team of Chengdu Chess Institute winning two gold MEDALS and one silver medal in the children’s group, showing once again the profound foundation of chess in “Chess City”.The national Gobang Youth Championship was originally scheduled to be held in Early December 2021 in Hefei, but due to the impact of the epidemic, the game was changed to an online game on eike Gobang platform.National from Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu, sichuan, shandong, anhui, henan, hebei, yunnan, Inner Mongolia and other 19 team a total of 239 contestants, competition will be divided into young group (U20), young groups (U12) and children series (U8) three categories, game time takes 20 minutes for each party, every step to add 30 seconds.After 3 days and 9 rounds of competition, Chengdu Gobang team performed well in the children’s group, Li Yimeng and Su Pengyun won the mixed team gold medal, Li Yimeng also won the women’s individual gold medal, Su Pengyun won the men’s individual silver medal.In addition, Shen Rang and Liu Yihan won the women’s fourth and fifth place respectively, and Zhong Yuyang won the men’s junior group individual eighth place.According to Chen Xin, head coach of Chengdu Gobang team, chengdu team achieved more than expected results in this competition. Li Yimeng, the individual champion of children’s group, came back from behind in the last two rounds to win by 0.5 points.It is only half a year since Li Yimeng began to learn gobang systematically, and liu Yihan, the fifth place, broke into the top eight in China after only three months ‘study in the elementary class of Chengdu Chess School. These are all unexpected surprises.As a relatively easy to play chess game, gobang has been widely carried out among teenagers in recent years. The number of participants and the ability of chess players have been significantly improved. The intensity of this youth championship is unprecedented.Chengdu, as a “chess city”, has been focusing on the popularization and promotion of gobang in recent years, and more and more young people have joined in.Chen Xin said that gobang conforms to the short and quick characteristics of children’s nature, and is easier to master and achieve results, so that every fan can reap a full sense of game experience as soon as possible, looking forward to more gobang fans can communicate and compete together.Chengdu Daily · Jin Guan news reporter Chen Haotu according to Chengdu Chess institute editor Wang Juan proofread Song Hexiao