The Tao can be tao, the very Tao

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Good way, very good way, very good way.Name can be named, very name.The nameless beginning of heaven and earth, the famous mother of all things.Therefore, there is often a desire to see its ment.This both go out with different name, with call of xuan.The door to all mysteries.Tao, if it can be said, is not an eternal tao;Names, if they can be called out, are not eternal names.Nothing is the beginning of heaven and earth;Yes, is the mother of all things.Thus, the mystery of initiation can be observed from the eternal nothing, and the boundary of nature can be observed from the eternal being.”Nothing” and “being” have the same origin, but not the same name.Together they are called occult.Mystery and mystery are the door to all mysteries.Buddha passed on the dharma at the Lingshan Dharma meeting. Without speaking, Buddha Sakyamuni just picked up a flower in his hand. At this time, the public was silent and did not know what it meant.The Buddha then passed on the Dharma to Kayyeh.The second sentence “the nameless beginning of heaven and earth, the famous mother of all things”, is said from the connotation of “Tao”, “no-nameless”, “Tao” is “have-famous”.”Wu-nameless” and “have-famous” are the connotations of “Tao”, but “wu-ming” is the first, the first stage, the beginning;”Have” is the second, is the second stage, is “mother”.Something comes out of nothing.What is the beginning?What is “mother”?Let’s take a look at Lao Tzu’s use of Chinese characters. Lao Tzu uses a lot of Chinese characters with female characters when explaining “Tao”.First look at the word “shi”, “Shuo Wen Jie zi” said: “the beginning of the woman also.From the female, Taiwan voice.”What is the shape of the radical female?It’s a woman kneeling.”Shi” is a virgin, a girl.”Nothing” is like a young girl. When it comes to “being”, it is the “mother of all things”.This “female” shape in the female character on the basis of the two points, the two points are women’s two breasts, indicating a mature woman.It is thus clear that tao consists of nothing and being, of which Nothing is the first stage, the maiden;”Have” is the second stage, is the mother.The girl and the mother are two stages of a woman, which shows that “nothing” and “being” are one thing, not two things, but two stages of one thing.From nothing to something is from a young girl to a mother.From nothing comes everything.”Nothing” cannot directly produce everything.Can virgins and maidens bear children?Of course not.Only mature women can bear children.Having a child is a young woman, so “nothing” is a young girl, and “something” is a young woman.These are two stages of a person.This tells us that one of the greatest functions of the Tao is to give birth to children, that is, to all things.Laozi advocates women and often uses women as metaphors.Laozi advocates the feminine and the female, which reflects the thought of the typical matriarchal society.Confucius advocated male and masculine, which reflected the thought of a typical patriarchal society.The third sentence “so often do not have the desire to see what it is doing, but often have the desire to see what it is doing” is said from the effect of Dao.There are two ways to break this sentence, one is: “Often absent, to view its wonderful;I often want to see what they are doing.”The other is: “Always have no desire, to observe the wonderful;Keep wanting to see what he was doing.”The “wonderful” of “tao” can be seen from “no-desire”. What is “wonderful”?It is also a word, girls are good.Originally refers to the girl’s hazy beauty, extended to mysterious, subtle, mysterious.From “ha-ha-desire” we can see dao’s “-ment”.What is “diment”?The word “duoban” has a duoban which is lane which comes from the word “hang”.”Xing” is the way to reach everywhere.As long as it is next to the word “line”, it means the road, such as the “street” of the street, and the “quzhou” of the four corners of the world is next to the word “thoroughfare”, it is the road.Half of the “yes” is the path.From “have” can be seen path, what does this mean?This is the second stage, from which we can see the boundary of tao.Where there is a road, there is a limit.The first is the vague, borderless maiden, and the second is the distinct, borderless young woman.The fourth sentence “the two with a different name, with the xuan”, from “no” and “have” of the relationship said.”Nothing” and “being” are in fact the same origin, the same source, but under different names.Where is it?On the “Tao”, on the “Mystery”.Xuan is a pictographic character.The word “xuan” on oracle bone script is like looking for subtle things with a stick. Jin Wen and xiao Zhuan are basically the same, which can be extended to trace back to the origin, the origin of people’s ancestors and life, so it can be extended to be remote and profound.”Shuo Wen Jie zi” explains: “Remote and distant.”The following “MAO” like a child born image, small, subtle meaning, but also deep, remote meaning.You see the deep “you” is two “yao” into the pit.Zhang Heng solution for “invisible”, Su Zhe solution for “far and no extreme”, Fan Yingyuan solution for “far-reaching and can not be distinguished”, Wu Cheng solution for “unknown unknown”, Zhu Qian solution for “change unexpected”.The “Tao” mentioned by Lao-tzu is like a dim and profound girl or virgin girl. Although she becomes a young woman in the second stage, she still has feminine and reserved characteristics in essence, so they are all mysterious and beautiful.Lao Zi’s “Tao” is the most beautiful, energetic and effective one because it is essentially “nothing”.A lot of people ask me, what’s the use of studying philosophy?I said that the greatest function of studying philosophy is “uselessness”, and because of “uselessness”, it has the greatest function.The last sentence is a summary.Lao Zi’s way is mysterious.It is this mysterious and mysterious “tao” that is the door of “all wonderful”!What is “popular”?Literally, it is a beautiful girl. Here, it describes the mysterious state of all things, and extends to all the wonderful and mysterious things in the universe.Where does the mystery come from?It comes from tao, so Tao is the gateway to the mysterious.The word “door” is also a pictograph, with two doors and one door.We were conceived in our mother’s womb, we were born in our mother’s door.The door of all wonderful things is female genitalia. Lao Tzu compared “Tao” to a great female genitalia, which can produce everything, while female genitalia are empty, mysterious and “nothing”.Because of “nothing”, everything can be produced. This is the most important function of “Tao” in Lao Zi, which is called “creation out of nothing”.”Nothing” is the gateway to birth of all things;Having can’t be a portal, it’s already there.So the invisible power is higher than the visible power.In terms of Yin and Yang, which are easy to learn, “nothing” belongs to Yin, and “being” belongs to Yang.In Laozi’s opinion, Yin is more important than Yang, and matchmaking is more important.Out of thin air, Yin conquers Yang, and softness conquers steel.Laozi is a great “Yin” schemer, he always starts from the feminine, finally overcomes the strong, to reach the highest level, this is the wisdom of Laozi.Please calm down and think about our life, our way of life, including business management, what is “nothing”, what is “have”?Think again, which is more important: nothing or something?Spirit belongs to Yin, and matter to Yang.Is it mental or material?Do not rush to answer, slowly reflect, with the “view” method to observe, visualize, and then slowly in the “Laozi” 5,000 words to find the answer, see if our answer and laozi’s answer is consistent?