Putian: Wang Jiawen concentric war epidemic!Trouble never sleeps

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Time, number of people, points, shift time, quantity of materials, emergency plan……Every process and every detail, Wang Jiawen, as the leader of the nucleic acid sampling support team of The Hospital in Chengxiang District of Putian City, has to review every day in his mind several times and make preparations in advance.During the epidemic, the dental department of chengxiang District hospital was closed. Wang Jiawen, as a doctor in the dental department, and other colleagues were transferred to Xianyou to support nucleic acid sampling.Last year, during the epidemic, Wang Jiawen led the medical staff of private medical institutions to support Xianyou to fight the epidemic. Since the outbreak of this round, he has also assumed the responsibility of the team leader, making all work orderly and fast.As the team leader, Wang Jiawen contacted the local responsible person in advance every time he went to a place, quickly understood the layout of nucleic acid sampling sites, sorted out the coordination channels of various local departments, clarified the division of responsibilities of team members, and found out the specific situation of each sampling site.Due to the thorough preparation in the early stage, the smooth progress of nucleic acid sampling is ensured, with an average of about 50,000 people being sampled every day.Whenever the busy sampling work is over and the tired team members fall asleep, Wang Jiawen needs to communicate with each group leader, summarize and improve the difficulties and problems encountered in the team work, and report the dense data. He insists that difficulties and problems do not stay overnight.At the same time, it is necessary to make clear the next day’s work tasks overnight, make overall arrangements for team members’ trips, and coordinate the allocation of medical resources.As the leader of the team, he has to coordinate the work of the team, and also serve as the logistics support to ensure that every member of the team can rest well and get to work as soon as possible.When wang was asked if he had any difficult problems to solve as a team leader, he replied: “As a Party member, there is nothing that cannot be solved. Thinking, consulting, asking for help and communicating will eventually find the right solution.”Working behind the scenes, Wang jiawen’s job is completely different from that of other sampler players, and the responsibility of leading the team independently requires him to consider more.One of the most common words he used was, “As many people as I bring out, I will bring back safe and sound.”(Source: Fujian Daily Client reporter: Lin Peng Correspondent: Zhu Biying Editor: Huang Bin)