Popular pet article: strong push “beautiful wife Wan wan” clear proud pity your world vs surly beautiful charming wife, high sweet!

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Today, I recommend 3 super good-looking novels to you, this classic one, let you have a good time!The bookmate that likes this one type hurriedly collects ~ recommend to everybody today: popularity pet favor article: strong push “beautiful wife wan wan” clear proud pity your world vs surly beautiful charming charming wife, high sweet!# Reject Book Shortage # 1:Has just the women authors: five penetration money introduction: jade green worm when calculating the rest, the traps harm by hook or by crook a thought become people master cheng yen, but do not wish the last into the wandering soul, heavy work life in an instant, she just want to turn over a new leaf honestly be good in the farm small courtyard, but no one has told her, choose to be a good person, will be play fine strives for rogue marry the door…Into the pit guide: jade green and Qin old lady out of the good half hour will come back.Can be fully over a quick hour, two people home in confusion.Yuanbao held a small wooden cart in the yard so that he had a sleep, heard the sound of movement and confused to rub his eyes, and did not wait to open his mouth to see Yuqing with a difficult board pulled what staggered in.Mrs Qin, carrying a small basket, could not help, and was too anxious to wipe her sweat.”Tardy, tardy you first get people into the room, I this call you Xu three ye come to see.”Yuqing said “hello” with difficulty. Turning her head, she saw yuanbao Gulu staring curiously with big eyes. She waved her hand angrily and said, “Why are you standing there?””Come and help.”The weight of an adult man, beyond the jade green imagination.She fished him out of the river and dragged him all the way to her door, exhausting herself.With the help of both yuanbao and Yuan Bao, they finally lifted the unfortunate egg out of the river onto a wooden bed.There was no light in the room, and even if the Windows were wide open, they could not be seen in the faint moonlight.Yu Qing motioned that Yuan Bao would paste the man’s long hair on the face to pull open, stretched his arm under his nose to explore, fingertip slight tone of a little more fun.”The physique is not small life is also big.”She turned and walked away.Holding his small wooden cart, Yuanbao ran after him and asked curiously, “Sister, who is this man?””Where did you and Grandma get it?”Yuqing laughed at the way he picked it up. She pointed his nose and said softly, “I got it from the river.””Keep an eye on your sister while I change my clothes.”Yuqing just changed clothes did not long, The old Lady of Qin shouted Uncle Xu came.Xu sanye early years in the town of the medicine shop when the clerk, influenced by what one hears and sees for many years, with the medicine shop in the doctor learned some superficial ability, old age back to the village for the aged.When a family has a headache, they will ask him to help them.At first, he thought it was Yuanbao. Carrying his small suitcase, he came to see it and found it was a man with a raw face.”Well, this man is…”Jade green with his hand to catch the wet hair, weak voice said: “DO not know who is, just from the river out of the three ye help to see if you can save, if not save, I……””Nonsense.”Old Lady Qin looked at Yu Qing with a smile on her face and said, “When I picked him up, I was still in a good mood. I’m sure a good boy can be saved.”(Click the following link to read the novel) the second: “the little princess and help the mother concubine to fight for favor” author: Yu Jiu Xuan introduction: wear the book became the cannon fodder of the little princess in the palace fighting script, the mother is a silly beauty, quickly into the cold palace.It’s ok!She is a brilliant medical skill, but also a master of melody orchestration, there are ways to help her fight for favor, help her to become a concubine.Can frighten home ordinary sister Li Linhuai, the first time to send the little princess back to the palace, feel too scary to frighten the little princess.Later just know looking at harmless little princess, be good at poison dig pit play gu, still can confuse the heart.Wait to marry the ji, the emperor brothers are busy for her dowry, but also threatened who bullied the emperor younger sister to hit the door.General…How to Get into the pit: Princess Yongmu finds her little emperor sister very funny.She looked like a cute concern about her, yongmu thought little emperor sister was really cheated by her, did not expect to turn a corner to break her scam, good to give her too doctor.Gian, who had always liked to play tricks on her, had come unstuck.Princess Yongmu looked helplessly at her two royal sisters: “Now I am happy, sister really want to go to the music studio to find someone to play the flute accompaniment.”Li Sixu asked: “Silk silk can you see the music of the dance?””Can little emperor sister still play the flute?”Princess Yongmu looked at the moon in surprise.The moon is also a face meng!She knew sister Si Si knew music and thought she could play the piano.I never heard of her playing the flute?”Always try to see if you can do it.”Li Silk wu toward princess yongmu nifty blink eyes: “let silk silk see the music of the dance, elder sister will not suffer.”Princess Yongmu smiled. “That’s all right, little huang sister…”Princess Yongmu with Li Sixu and the moon into the dressing room, to see her dance music to them, xuanzong appease wu Jieyu upset the air, hurried to the water pavilion.Because it is princess Yongmu to choose the day of the emperor’s son-in-law, Princess Mu’s mother Liu Jieyu has been looking forward to Xuanzong.When she had no hope, the eunuch at the door shouted, “The Emperor has arrived!”The emperor was surrounded by eunuchs and maids into the waterside pavilion. Liu Jieyu burst into tears and got up to see the ceremony. The emperor made an action to avoid the ceremony.”I am too late for court affairs.”Xuanzong looked at Liu Jieyu and said, “Tonight muer is going to dance at the lotus feast. How can I be willing to miss my muer dance?””The Emperor is just in time. Yongmu is going to dance.”With a deep sigh, the queen welcomed the emperor to the throne and sat down.At the end of a toji dance, it’s time for Princess Yongmu to dance.Xuanzong saw princess Yongmu tardily did not appear on the stage, water pavilion platform a silence, suspicious to the queen.The queen was worried too!Don’t know what happened?Was about to send someone to see the situation, dressed in a song skirt princess Yongmu finally stage!Her waist was slender and graceful, and the moon shone brightly on the high platform of the Waterside Pavilion. As she slowly turned herself, the melodious music of the flute floated away.The flute was very ethereal and sweet, and Xuanzong, who knew the rhythm, knew that the flute player’s breath was steady when he heard the sound. As princess Yongmu danced gracefully, Xuanzong wondered who was playing the flute to accompany Mu.When he saw the little figure coming out of the gloom, he was startled!How could it be ten?How could xiao Ten get the true legend of fish and beauty and play the flute so well?Li Sixu and Princess Yongmu cooperated very well on the waterside platform. It was very interesting to see Princess Yongmu rotate her sleeves. When she played, she subconsciously followed the circle from time to time.With the dexterity of a deer through the morning mist.Xuanzong raised the corners of his mouth: “Empress, why is xiao Ten playing flute for Mu er?””It should have been Gianna’s boy.”The queen was also very surprised: “I will find someone to ask Liu Jieyu there.”The moon was still in shock. She thought that even if sister Silk could play the flute, she would not be able to play the complicated mulberry song. Who knew that sister Silk only read the score once and picked up the flute and already played it well.Now listen to her three elder brother, she touched back to the waterside pavilion in Liu Jieyu side is located, heard the high platform empty leisurely field flute blowing slowly, or as in a dream.(click the following link to read the novel) the third: “Beautiful wife wan wan” author: Su embarrassed introduction: popularity pet text: strong push “beautiful wife wan Wan” clear proud pity your world vs surly beautiful charming wife, high sweet!Song Yu ‘er eleven years old was abducted, escape fell off the cliff and broke his head, woke up after the pagoda tree village Jiang Wu home five coins for a little wife.They consummated three years later, gave birth to twins four years later, and were stimulated to restore their memories.When he stole away and jiang Wu tore up in the street, he was rescued by the prince of Puyang who returned to worship his ancestors and brought back to the capital.Jiang Wu is to recover beautiful wife, evade Song adult chase after kill, simply go far northwest to join the army went up battlefield.Five years later, the capital city met again.Song Yu-er to marry puyang prince scenery, Jiang Wu with a pair of children make a big wedding hall.Into the pit guide: half an hour later, dark back to the study, toward the master on the master bow bow way, “master, Chen Wenjing family has been all exterminated.”Chu Yiting heard the words, snort, expression more kenkenji, silence for a long time, just put his hand, let two people back, followed by a close aide Sun Bao came in, told him to prepare a gift, sent to dingguo hou fu.Sun Bao took orders to retire, not long then handed up a gift list.After giving Chu Yiting a look, he personally brought people to dingguo hou fu sent.Who bear, to pingyang lane dinghou state house, but even the door can not go.Jiang Wu directly ordered the house of the boy to shut him out of the door, the reason is no merit by the salary.Sun Bao, a popular figure in front of the ninth emperor, had also cultivated some noble spirit over the years. He looked down upon Jiang Wu, who was born in the mountains. He poohed and went back home with a black face.Nine Emperor’s palace study.Chu Yiting looked at the sun Bao standing beside dejected, cold voice query, “things do bad?”Of course, Sun Bao refused to admit that he had acted unjustly. He said angrily, “My Lord Hui, the slave didn’t expect that the Marquis of Dingguo would be so rampant. He refused me without even letting him in!He makes it clear that he doesn’t care about you!””Well, being born in a remote and rural area, and being a muddle-leg, the rules are always worse.”Chu Yiting eye light deep and remote cold of say, the eye is full of disdain, dun dun, have hook lip sneer way, “so, can I be tired, more cost some idea, teach him well the rules of this imperial city.”As Sun Bao listened, he knew that his master was going to attack dinghou. He couldn’t help gloating.When the accident happened, Jiang Wu was studying military books in his study.The door was suddenly broken open, his subconscious look up, I saw long with the wind dignified expression rushed to come forward, anxious way, “Hou ye, childe and young lady disappeared.””What did you say?”When Jiang Wu heard that his son and daughter were missing, he suddenly stood up and asked in a stern voice.”Two wet nurses were flying kites in the garden with childe and young lady. Somehow, they were pierced with sharp knives. When others found out the mistake, the wet nurse was dead and childe and young lady were gone!”When Jiang Wu heard him finish, the blue veins in both of his fists began to burst.”Should I report it?”Streamer tried to inquire.Jiang Wu waved his hand and tried to suppress the surging blood in his chest.They did not immediately pain under the killer, that is to keep dog eggs and cui Flowers still useful……Most likely to threaten Ben.”When Liu Feng heard Jiang Wu’s words, he understood a little and asked tentatively, “Is it possible that someone has something to ask for from the Lord?”Jiang Wu said nothing.But sun Bao’s kindness flashed through my mind.Don’t…He thought of some possibility, and his face became darker. Without any explanation to the wind, he began to walk out.Liufeng caught up with him in a hurry and asked, “Lord, do you want to tell your wife about this?”Jiang Wu heard him mention Song Yu er, the foot of the steps suddenly stopped, stalemate for a moment, turned back, “in the end is her children, say it.””Yes, Marquis.”Liufeng was sure of his promise, and hurriedly answered.Out of the house door, they mounted their horses respectively and went in opposite directions.Taiwei mansion, Song Yu-er heard the wind to see.His shoulders trembled unconsciously, and he looked up at Mrs. Song on the other side.Old Lady Song sighed, took her hand, sighed, “or afraid of him?Afraid he’ll send you back?”(Click the link below to read the novel.) 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