Online consumer rights protection difficult?The Supreme Court has struck

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Sanxiang City daily all media reporter Guo Can live broadcast to buy things have a problem, anchor and business “kick ball”;Double 11 big promotion wait hard until the morning grab goods, hand price even more expensive than usual;After receiving the package and removing the package, I found a problem and was told that the goods could not be returned…These worry in network consumption, believe a lot of consumers have experienced.Online shopping has become a part of many people’s life.In recent years, with the rise of online live broadcast selling and second-hand trading, new disputes and problems have arisen continuously.However, laws and regulations such as the Law on the Protection of consumer rights and interests and the Civil Code cited in the current court cases have no specific and detailed provisions on these new phenomena, and it is not easy for consumers to protect their rights after online consumption disputes.In December 2021, the Supreme People’s Court issued the Draft provisions on Several Issues concerning the Application of The Law to The Trial of Online Consumption Dispute Cases (I), soliciting public opinions.The draft provides clearer rules for the application of the law in specific scenes and fields of online consumption dispute cases.Regulations have been made on issues such as livestreaming with goods, seven-day returns without reason, and disorderly bidding of preferential prices. The controversial issues have been clarified, and consumers’ rights protection has been provided with a clearer legal basis.After the implementation of relevant judicial interpretation, it will be able to quickly and efficiently solve online consumption disputes and promote the steady development of e-commerce.The Supreme Court stepped in to solicit opinions on the draft, which specific provisions were made on contractual rights and obligations, online consumption fraud, online live broadcasting with goods, take-out catering and other hot issues of online consumption were focused on.Once encountered network consumption, how to save the most time and effort?What evidence is critical to keep?This issue of “16th Floor Deep Reading” focuses on online consumer rights protection, inviting experts and lawyers to offer advice for consumers, how to protect their legitimate interests more conveniently by using different “tricks” in the face of different situations.[Editor: Chen Shuyi][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]