Is the train pulling in properly?

2022-05-15 0 By

Today, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, snow, snow, traffic jam all the way, a lot of accidents, see is jumpy.Finally, I ran less than 100 kilometers in 7 hours, and immediately abandoned the car and took the train.After two hours of waiting, people like me came home. The bustling waiting room was crowded with children crying and complaining that the road was slippery like a vegetable market.Bought a 15 finally into a railway station or on board a train, car, results in the head, took three children under the age of four, and went with the big gas, why stop in the middle position, take two head just so good, also don’t know how to arrange the rail service workers are things, so the service was tired enough, also didn’t go to 15 cars began to push the car to drive away,Let me how don’t worry how don’t complain two words, get off the same, walk a long way to the exit.Get on the bus, get out of the station mixed together, will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble to the station and individuals, hope to cause the attention of the relevant departments, really for everyone, for the passengers think.The snow was falling heavily and passers-by were hurrying by.