Hydrogen energy plan released in 2022, 10 times development space!Which stocks could benefit?

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The main line of the market Shanghai refers to the contraction of bare foot shadow line, the release of short-term kinetic energy is not finished, today morning still have inertia down kinetic energy, but the platform along 3220 points near the support, in the volume can continue to be active structure, pay attention to the position of support strength.Overall, the market is still in a wave of rebound to 50% range, and the right chip top position in the state, has not been complete direction selection, overlay the mainstream theme of Traditional Chinese medicine and real estate tide, short-term long sentiment is weak, short-term operations pay attention to position control.1, real estate: yesterday collective tide, a lot of high collective fall, loss of money effect diffusion, fortunately, there are a few alive, China Wuyi sealing ratio is still good, there is the potential to continue promotion, today is a large probability of sealing plate explosion, blue light development debt restructuring is expected, you can continue to see.Jiakai city belongs to the echelon, you can pay attention to.2, infrastructure: belongs to the upstream extension of real estate speculation, this direction is the focus.Steel and cement, for example, have low valuations and high dividends.There will be capital inflows into infrastructure in the future.Plate leading is 5 even plate Hainan Ruize, other strong stocks have Ningbo Fuda, Bo Wen Technology, sanhe pipe pile, western construction, Qingsong Jianhua, Qilian Mountain, etc..Architectural decoration can pay attention to zhongtian decoration, Beixin Road bridge.Strategy: short – term mood ebb tide, short – term game more difficult, light position game can be.Direction of old infrastructure (real estate, water conservancy, building materials), specific medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Hainan plate.As an important raw material for the production of compound phosphate fertilizer, sulfur, with the increase in the demand for fertilizer for spring farming, its price has risen further. So far, the price of sulfur has hit a new high for the year.After breaking 3,000 yuan per ton last month, domestic sulfur prices continue to open mode.According to the business community monitoring data, as of April 6, the average domestic sulfur price reached 3426.67 yuan/ton, the annual increase reached more than 70%.East Asia Qianhai Research Newspaper pointed out that China’s sulfur market import dependence is high, the price is greatly affected by the international market.In 2021, the total consumption of sulfur in China was 17.02 million tons, of which 8.535 million tons were imported, and the import dependence was 50%.At present spring ploughing period downstream demand is strong, tight supply situation or will continue.The agency expects that domestic sulfur prices will remain high in the first half of 2022, and the sulfur industry is expected to prosper.Key core related shares: Tongzi Chemical under Shengjitang has an annual production capacity of 520,000 tons of urea, 100,000 tons of compound fertilizer and 20,000 tons of sulfur as a by-product.The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region plans to implement 414 major projects worth more than 1 billion yuan (excluding real estate projects) in 2022, according to a list of major projects released by the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission. The region plans to complete investment of 301.154 billion yuan annually, including 12 hydrogen energy projects.Shandong plans to build China Hydrogen Valley (Jinan) and East Hydrogen Island (Qingdao), focusing on cultivating Weichai New Energy, ZTO Bus and Dongyue Future hydrogen energy. By the end of 2022, the province will have built 30 hydrogenation stations with a daily hydrogen supply capacity of 28,000 kg.Fuel cells have the advantages of clean and environmental protection, strong endurance, fast charging speed, low noise, and a wide range of hydrogen energy sources. In the long term, hydrogen fuel vehicles are expected to become an important part of the future automobile market.According to the Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap 2.0, the number of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles will reach 50,000 to 100,000 by 2025, and 800,000 to 1,000,000 by 2030.Zhang Yici of Citic Securities believes that industrial development is still in the early stage, considering the high demand and direct promotion effect of industrial development policies on technological progress, investors are advised to pay attention to the relatively obvious technological advantages of the target.Key core related stocks: Yeti has fully completed the layout of the core technology of hydrogen fuel cell, and the hydrogen fuel cell system has been installed in hydrogen energy vehicles of Xiamen Golden Dragon, Xiamen Golden Dragon and other vehicle companies.END Securities and Futures Business License Unified Social Credit Code (Overseas institution No.) : 91310109MA1G5BK839 fu Tingjie Practice Certificate No. : A1220620110001This article is a personal opinion, does not constitute any investment advice, can not be used as your investment basis, you need to make investment decisions independently, at your own risk.Please confirm that you have the corresponding rights, behavioral capacity, risk identification ability and risk tolerance ability, and can independently bear legal liabilities.The stock involved is only for learning exchange, not as an investment basis.Note: Due to limited space, the market is in constant flux, please decide for yourself whether to use this article as reference.Historical performance is not indicative of future earnings.Investment is risky and entering the market should be cautious.