Household blunt tooth appliance which brand is good?Nurse wang Peng pro test 30 to tell you the answer

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Welcome to the oral care class of oral nurse Wang Peng. Since I was a child, MY teeth have not been good. I am very familiar with oral care products, and I have used and tested dozens of dental rinsers.According to my years of practical experience, I think the most important thing to pay attention to when choosing is to avoid the harm of teeth injury caused by teeth impingers.Because the quality of teeth punching device is uneven on the market now, many so-called big brands, in fact, only started to do in the past two years, are basically OEM products, high rate of tooth injury.Do not know how to choose and start with good teeth?Never mind, today I will talk to you about these things, about household teeth teeth which brand is good.In fact, the core value of dental flushes lies in the ability to penetrate into the crevices of teeth, gingival groove, tooth fossa, cavities, periodontal pockets and other areas to gently wash with water, avoiding blind areas of cleaning.Can avoid and improve dental diseases to the greatest extent!Front but we also said, if choose the wrong product, cleaning effect may sell at a discount greatly, even lead to irreversible problems in oral, so in order to help you choose the suitable own dental unit and the next thing I’d like to bring everyone together to learn about how we should choose blunt teeth, know about the home blunt tooth cleaner which brand is good,Can we effectively avoid the disadvantages and side effects of teeth impingers?1. Brand: The first consideration of the brand is its reputation, praise rate, core technology, whether there is a technical team, whether there is a supply chain strength, etc., which represents the quality of the products it produces and whether the after-sales service is guaranteed.Low – priced teeth must not be bought, the probability of tooth injury is very large.In addition, the international big brands in Europe and the United States are generally strong, destructive to the teeth and gums, it is not recommended to buy!2. Choose the type of tooth punching device. The type of tooth punching device is divided into three kinds, namely, home platform, home portable and mini portable.The mini portable power is very weak, the water tank is small, easy to leak, the advantage is good appearance level is high, home portable combined with the advantages of the first two, the price is also moderate, I will recommend home portable.3. About the purchase to teach you a basic tip, choose the teeth must choose more than 4 gears, otherwise the strength range, pulse frequency range will be very narrow, the applicable crowd will be very narrow, you buy a large probability is not appropriate.In addition, the endurance should ensure the use time of 20-30 days, and the water tank should be about 250-300 ml. It is very uncomfortable to receive water many times in the process of flushing.4. Can try to buy certain brands, you may have found that I don’t introduce parameter, this is because all the parameters of the dental unit almost big bad not bad (several key parameters of the pulse frequency, the pressure range, water column thickness), and a lot of people are playing digital games, such as the pressure range of written is very strong, back found as weak as a water pistol,This has happened to me several times.So my point of view is to buy the teeth must try, many professional brands in power adjustment, technology and research and development, process quality do a lot of internal work, these are invisible, we need to try.Moreover, most of us have very high dental complexity. How can you know what kind of products are suitable for you without trying them?First, Feile Sii teeth punching device style features: professional products do not hurt the tooth niche, reduce more than 75% gum bleeding rate!I first found this treasure brand by reading professional stomatological magazines. As a former provider of dental data and technical solutions, they have been focusing on tooth care products that do not hurt teeth. They have grown into a leading brand in the field of non-damaging teeth in China, and are also famous for the high rate of damaged teeth of international brands.Its Feile Sii teeth punching device features “full scene, multi-sensitive and high-precision”, which can reduce gingival bleeding rate by more than 75% even under ultra-high pulse.Special optimization is also made for the long-term chronic injury caused by the teeth punching device.Never do advertising, is recommended by many professional dentists do not hurt the teeth boutique!I am also using Fei Le’s electric toothbrush, which is very clean, and the experience of gum protection is the best one I have ever used!So how does it completely solve the problem of impingement teeth injury?Feile Sii launched the exclusive “3-level normal mode + 3-level Sii Sensitive mode”, creating the exclusive infant-level sensitive mode, children’s gentle mode, etc.Through the larger pulse frequency span, high precision, high coverage of different gear pulse intensity, can adapt to most complex oral scene environment, multi-sensitive people!In order to improve the cleaning force and reduce the rate of tooth injury, Fei Le created 12 core highlights, such as fixed magnetic rotating water pulse technology, under 1000-1800 times/minute high frequency pulse, strengthen the cleaning force of water column, deep into the teeth, mouth blind area, quickly wash away food residue.In addition, there are new high-precision carbon brush permanent magnet motor, special research high sensitivity voltage stabilizer system, Germany high quality metal water pump and so on!The following is a test of water impact force made by a professional evaluation laboratory with paper towels. Feile is obviously the best in non-tooth injury technology: many people have joked on the Internet about the poor after-sales service of many international brands, and their attitude is very contemptible. For this reason, Feile specifically provides professional full-chain oral service solutions!In order to let users know the conditions of teeth and choose and use them properly, Fei Le provides professional dental examination, dental disease screening services, and even long-term dental care tracking guidance and communication, as well as emergency guidance for various dental diseases.What is more surprising is that its home also limited time to send 5 years nozzle, 7 days without any reason to open the trial, as long as two years of quality after sale, I have handled the teeth of the brand, the most professional and thoughtful one.Roman mini8 portable teeth punching style features: high appearance level design, pull water tank more portable second teeth punching appearance level is really good, Roman this brand has always been more focused on appearance level design, we should also be able to see that his home is mainly for the female market.The design of his teeth flusher was inspired by Van Gogh’s famous painting “Green Wheat Fields”.The teal color is very fresh and makes people feel very healing. The design of the whole teeth punching device is also simple and generous. The water tank is equipped with a 140ml pull-out water tank, which is almost as big as the palm of your hand.Hydraulic pressure pulse is this aspect of his household water flow, the water flow is the mainstream in the market now a way of oral cavity clean, his principle is through the pressurized water, the water concentration through the nozzle jet impact after oral again, I use my feelings after a period of time, water impact could be relatively weak some, some more stubborn food residue is quite difficult to clean up.Design words it is also very humanized, nozzle installation is very simple, is like the buckle like the way, it and the machine stuck together, disassembly as long as the above button can be removed, disassembly is convenient.The nozzle also supports 360° rotation, which can be more convenient for washing.As a representative brand of home appliances in China, midea still has more people to buy. The machine we introduce today has a good appearance and is a flagship cost-effective style.Water momentum is 1600 times /min stable strong pulse water flow, a total of five gears of cleaning mode is designed for everyone to choose, the tank capacity reaches 240ml, and the endurance can reach 60 days, we do not need to worry about charging problems.It is also worth mentioning that this tooth punching device is designed with gravity ball, which is very useful, it can let the water in the water tank at any position, any level of water can be sucked up, no matter what Angle you use in the process of tooth punching will be very convenient.If the hardware is equipped, the Midea Mc-bj0101 tooth flushing device is randomly attached with 5 nozzles, marking different use situations, including 1 orthodontic nozzle, 1 periodontal belt nozzle, 1 tongue coating cleaning nozzle, 2 standard nozzles, we need to use which nozzle to change on their own.Panasonic is a relatively exquisite brand for the appearance level, such as in packaging, Panasonic EW1521 teeth with black design, both front and back are photos of the product, you can intuitively view the product appearance.The overall appearance of the machine is designed in a minimalist style, and the Doltz logo is also very prominent in the lower left corner. The overall appearance of the machine is relatively comfortable.Don’t worry about the big brands’ technology. The Panasonic Portable uses the long-held jet stream technology, in which air is injected into a high-pressure stream of water to generate different frequencies and pulses. There are five modes to choose from.Whether it is cleaning power or water storage capacity, performance is not bad.However, it may be because of the main portable reasons, its 200ML water tank can only be said in general, when it is cold, water can be appropriate to choose to add warm water, because teeth and gums try not to use too cold or overheating temperature to stimulate.It is recommended that you put the nozzle in your mouth first and then rinse after closing your mouth, so that you can avoid splashing as much as possible.The first time I heard of this brand was actually the hair dryer of his family. As a brand that pays more attention to appearance design, the general appearance level of his family’s products is relatively high.Like this W3 Pro dental flusher is also a continuation of the fresh and simple wind of W3, no matter in the bedroom or bathroom are very suitable.The cleaning ability of this tooth punching device is quite good. There is a fine pulse water column of 0.66mm, and the frequency reaches 1300 times/minute, which can do a good job of cleaning the gap between teeth.The operation of this dental appliance is quite simple, just like other dental appliances. You can start the machine with one key. There are three different modes in this appliance.Gingival mode is relatively soft, and I feel that the impact force is relatively small, which is not very satisfactory.For orthodontic friends, I personally think the dot injection mode is suitable for them to use.Vi. Style and characteristics of Xiaomi Teeth Punching Device:Four kinds of cleaning mode, meet the demand of all kinds of people in his image of the appearance of the washed dental unit is a relatively simple and generous, he overall dental unit only two physical button, the first button to start and stop the machine, the second is used to switch mode, block a button can start and stop the machine switches under the two states,However, I suggest that you adjust the desired mode before turning on the machine, and then turn on the dental flusher to use.It seems that xiaomi does not need to worry too much about the quality of all things. For example, the charging port of this tooth flusher is the standard Type-C interface, which is also the basic standard, so that people can use it more conveniently. Even if you can’t find the charging cable, you can also use an Android phone charger.The charging head is equipped with a rubber plug, the firm degree is just right, waterproof design is indispensable, the waterproof design of the whole machine, we can rest assured to use, I used to use the teeth after the machine, with the tap to wash the whole machine, keep the body clean and tidy.Accessories, it comes with a total of four sprinkler heads, the shape and function of each sprinkler head are not the same, different sprinkler heads also have different uses, such as the tooth gap, the gum groove, the tongue coating.However, the frequency and extent of this use depends on personal needs, and my words are not very usable.Above is based on my understanding and measurement after use to recommend six blunt dental unit, home blunt teeth which brand is good the answer to this question, actually not only, the most important thing is to choose suits own blunt teeth, hope everyone in the choice and use of time can also more cautious, higher priority tooth index will clean well style at the same time.I hope this article can give you some help, finally, I wish you can find their own teeth teeth healthy, eat delicious!