A girl in Shandong tied a rope and dared not pull her teeth, but her 1-year-old brother pulled them out for a second

2022-05-15 0 By

Recently, a netizen from Zaozhuang, Shandong province shared an interesting video.In the video, a seven-year-old girl’s teeth became loose during tooth replacement.However, the tooth has been loose for half a month, but the mother was afraid to pull it out for her daughter.So the mother learned a trick from the Internet: tie a string to the child’s tooth, which is said to be quick and painless.However, after an effort to tie the rope, mother flinched again, hesitated for a long time, but did not dare to pull.The result mother is not anxious, the daughter is anxious.She suggested that her one-year-old brother try it.Unexpectedly, the rope was just handed to his brother’s hand, and before everyone could react, his brother firmly and ruthlessly pulled out his sister’s teeth.Boy, a child in diapers did what no one in the family dared to do.”I pulled out one of my son’s teeth, and he didn’t fall out after a long time with a rope. I was so worried that I pulled his hand out of a rage.””My baby the first tooth I also dare not unplug, went to the hospital spent 30, the doctor is also unplugged with forceps.And THEN I say to the kid, let me pull, I’ll give you 30.Later, she made 150 yuan.””My baby two teeth are pulled down by me, the first is the new teeth out of the deciduous teeth have not dropped, ready to go to the hospital on Sunday, I want to touch, shake down, the hospital need not go, the second is directly with some strength directly down.”Speaking of tooth replacement, I think of our custom. It is said that when children change their teeth, they should throw them on the top of the bed (the ancient kind of bed), and they should stand up straight when throwing, so that the new teeth will be straight.Result, after I finish according to this practice, the tooth is uneven however, seek who reason to go?Finally, what are some interesting things you can say about your child’s tooth replacement?Welcome to share!