30 blind dates to sum up the single experience: leftover men and women dating, adhere to the “six character principle”

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Lao-tzu once said, “Misfortune depends on happiness;Happiness is the source of misfortune.”Things in the world, are good and bad depend on each other, mutual conversion.The same thing in different people will have different results, this is the truth that everything is a double-edged sword.Dating happens to be a double-edged sword.Some people quickly find a good match through it, while others lose the confidence to get rid of the single after repeated failures on the dating road.Anyone familiar with the dating experience knows that experience counts for a lot when it comes to success.Good method can achieve twice the result with half the effort, and if headless fly like disorderly flying, even if the head is broken and bleeding can not walk out of this small black room.The neighbor’s son went through 30 blind dates before finally getting married. His condition is not bad, he has height, education, good income, and a house and a car under his name.Relatives, friends and colleagues tried to set him up, but each time he failed.After 25 failed attempts, he finally figured out why. The reason was that none of his blind dates lived in the same city as him.Two very strange people originally, across the screen chatting not salty not light words, living different lives in different cities, gradually do not speak.In order to get rid of this kind of invalid blind date, he began to refuse long-distance introductions and only accept blind dates in the same city.Sure enough, in the city introduced the fifth blind date, he met his wife now.Leftover men and women take off single, must refuse invalid blind date, adhere to the “interview”, “direct”, “selective” six word principle, with “fast, accurate, ruthless” way quickly into the marriage hall.Don’t stay on the dating trail. The longer you wait, the lower your expectations for marriage will be.The precise meaning of “face-to-face interview” is face-to-face communication, in the most direct and fast way to get to know each other and quickly screening, which can save a lot of time.If you’re in the same city, just meet up and don’t connect on wechat. It’s just a waste of time.If the other person refuses to meet up for any reason and says they want to get to know each other online before deciding whether to meet up, you can basically give up.The best way to get to know each other is through face to face communication. It’s hard to really get to know each other when you talk with your phone every day.What’s more, you don’t know what the other person looks like when you don’t meet him or her. Even if you chat on the Internet, it’s hard to avoid the situation of seeing nothing.Don’t accept long-distance dating. Despite the best intentions of friends and relatives, it can be very difficult to get two strangers together in a different place.Long-distance dating is fraught with difficulties. Children can get to know each other through wechat, which wastes time and has a high failure rate.Since the purpose of blind date is to get married, we should be direct with each other. We should neither waste our time nor delay the other’s.State your requirements directly.Everyone has different requirements for their spouse, some care about height and appearance level, some care about work and income, and some care about family atmosphere.Whatever it is you want from your partner, be clear from the outset so you know if you both need to continue talking.The other person meets your requirements, and you meet them, and you get to know each other.If step 1 is far from each other, there’s no need to waste each other’s time.State your impressions directly.After a whole day of communication and exchange, we have a preliminary impression of each other.Good impression, can continue to understand;If you have a bad impression and feel that the other person is not the one you are looking for, then simply refuse.For leftover men and women, time is life, because no one can afford to delay.Based on this point, we should have empathy, if not directly say, do not hang each other to ride donkeys looking for horses, this behavior is very immoral.”Selective” as over 30 years old, and mature men and women, we must be selective when choosing a partner, so as not to find the wrong person.Young people pay much attention to appearance, girls like tall and handsome men, boys like young and beautiful women.After the age of 30, people should understand that marriage is for living, and in the process of living, appearance is not the most important.Again good-looking appearance also can have aesthetic fatigue one day, what marriage really needs is firewood, rice, oil and salt and clothing, food and shelter.On this basis, the condition is much more reliable than appearance.Each other’s education background, job, income, and even family conditions will affect your later life.Marriage is a practical thing, and living is a long process, economic basis determines the superstructure, the condition is always the basis of deciding the quality of marriage.Choosing Between Conditions and Character Character is very important in a marriage, but it can never be compared with character.If condition is the basis of marriage, then character is the basis of deciding whether a marriage will last.No matter how good the condition is, your character is not good, your life is like tan Stagnant water.But in the company of men of good character, even if the circumstances are ordinary, you can find happiness in the ordinary.The so-called marriage is mainly to marry the person, so the real key is still the person.Write in the end: leftover male leftover female blind date, do not waste time, because you have reached the age of the race against time.The longer you procrastinate, the older you get, the harder it gets.In the fastest way, the most accurate vision, to find the most suitable talent is the ideal result.Find the right method, adhere to the principle, less detours.Don’t get stuck in the mud of dating.I am Yinger, an original writer who focuses on the field of emotion.