Xuanwei Dongshan town furong Village: national unity a close Furong Yi qi forge ahead

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National unity and progress are the main theme of socialist national relations and the important content of socialist spiritual civilization construction.Furong Village, Dongshan Town, Xuanwei City, has long been focusing on the creation of ethnic unity and progress, striving to build a demonstration village of ethnic unity.Walking into Furong Village, one after another cultural walls depicting ethnic unity come into sight. In the cultural square, villagers dressed in Yi costumes are dancing merrily to the tune of Yi folk songs, so that tourists are immersed in the atmosphere of unity and joy.After the song and dance, the Yi girls came to the embroidery room and began to work in earnest. Behind them, a variety of embroidery products, such as exquisite costumes, hats with modern elements and satchels, were everywhere.Li Wencun, non-hereditary inheritor of Furong Village, said, “I am a girl of Yi nationality born and bred in this village and non-hereditary inheritor of Qujing area. I have been leading everyone to engage in Yi embroidery in Furong Village.We organize villagers to do activities together at any time to promote ethnic unity. I think these activities are very meaningful.”The spread and development of Yi culture benefits from furong Village’s emphasis on national unity and progress.Learned, lotus village formed national unity leadership group, research deploy national unity progress demonstration work regularly, make full use of household visits, broadcast media, banners and other ways to further promote national theoretical policy and law knowledge, organize the masses to participate the news work, the development of rural tourism, support measures, mining the traditional cuisine,Efforts should be made to build an industrial development pattern of “one village, one product”, encourage and support the development of yi embroidery industry, realize the integration of life, production and culture of all ethnic groups, forge a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation, and strive to achieve common prosperity, progress and development.Furong Village Party secretary Zhang Zhengwen introduced: “Our village has 467 households 1440 people, the minority population of 1195 people, accounting for 83% of the village population, to national unity demonstration village as the focus of work, the use of booths, mass meetings, loudspeakers and other propaganda, consolidate national unity.”In the next step, Furong Village will continue to be guided by the demonstration of ethnic unity and progress, closely centering on the overall goal of “The Chinese nation is one family, working together to build the Chinese Dream”, and further carry out demonstration activities of ethnic unity and progress to ensure the common unity and progress, common prosperity and development of all ethnic groups in the village.