World of warcraft nostalgia clothing directly to sell the ghost tiger, 1688 a, tuhao directly bought 20?

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If asked to name the mount that World of Warcraft players would most like to ride, most Wower would probably name the Nether Tiger, the most handsome and rare mount in World of Warcraft, which is still a status symbol even though the game has been on the market for more than a decade.And recently, world of warcraft nostalgia official direct sale of dark tiger news, also is to let countless players talk in one after another.Recently, the World of Warcraft retro clothing has announced the Spring Festival event, including a Nether Tiger gift pack, which only costs 1688 to get.News a whole world of warcraft circle is also thoroughly boiling, not to say the price of this gift package is expensive, but it is too cheap, to know that in the world of warcraft classic clothes, the price of a ghost tiger is at least in thousands of above.For many Warcraft players, owning a Nether Tiger is the ultimate dream of playing the game. Unfortunately, the money is not enough, so the nether tiger has always been the exclusive property of the local rich. At its peak, the price of a nether tiger can even reach tens of thousands.Now, it only costs 1,688, which is why some veteran warcraft players are thrilled.As to why dark dark tiger can be so popular, the likelihood has certain concern with the modelling of its itself, very overbearing above temperament, plus transparent match color, only a word can describe, that is handsome.Plus immediately is the year of the Tiger lunar calendar, have to say that this wave of blizzard is really going to play, so there are players ridicule, if before also so “sensible”, perhaps will not be acquired by Microsoft.Jokes joke, of course, in view of the world of warcraft nostalgic take direct selling tiger nether it, at present most of the players are very happy, even in the player circles also appeared in a local tyrants to buy 20 screenshots, authenticity aside, but a world of warcraft Spring Festival activities, can cause so much heat, really interesting.However, in addition to the support of one party, there are also some players think that the official direct sale of the Tiger is a bit of a “back stab” suspicion, before thousands of players to buy the tiger, now become a hand, no longer row.This game daily jun feel that the tiger is only sold in the nostalgia, warcraft nostalgia before the tiger has not appeared, so this kind of backstab remarks, also untenable.Anyway, it is estimated that there are a lot of players who have directly bought it, I don’t know what you think about the world of Warcraft nostalgia server 1688 directly selling the Nether tiger thing?