Urgent warning: Please be highly alert to this type of fraud!

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Urgent warning: please the general public (especially 25-50 years old women) highly alert to this kind of fraud!During the Spring Festival, don’t let fraudsters give you a special “New Year gift”. Check out this anti-fraud formula!?????Urgent warning: please the general public (especially 25-50 years old women) highly alert to this kind of fraud!”Killing pig dish”, investment and financial fraud…?”Killing pig plate”, investment and financial fraud is the most serious loss of the current type of fraud, the victim was cheated amount of up to one million, more even bankrupt.Since January, our province has occurred a number of large losses of “killing pig dish”, investment and financial management telecom network fraud cases.Analysis of fraud methods: Step 1: a. Fraudsters attract victims through online social networking tools (QQ, wechat, Momo, Douying, Soul, etc.), SMS, Douyin, Kuaishou short video, web page publishing information of brushing orders, doing tasks, like and cash back.B. Package themselves as “Bai Fu Mei” or “Gao Fu Shuai” through social software or dating software to attract victims to add their contact information for in-depth communication to deceive trust.Step 2: a. In the investment communication, other cheaters in the group act as A trust, constantly praising the teacher’s “investment” level, so that the victim gradually creates trust.B. The victim takes the initiative to contact the swindler or the swindler takes the initiative to add the victim as a friend and chat with the victim to make friends and gain trust.Common methods are: swindlers ahead of packing, set, wrap yourself into a single promising young professionals with high quality, often unhappy marriage, looking for the so-called spiritual, over a period of time (short 10 days, long months), to be caring and attentive, the victim or build two people the future blueprint, so as to gain the victim’s trust.Step 3: after gaining trust, popularized to the victim’s stock, foreign exchange, futures and other financial investment, the early stage of the victim accounts can withdraw and get a small profit, the victim to invest, late in the bank card number fill in error, need continuous to do list, pay taxes and other reasons to continue to defraud, the victim will not withdraw, losses.Anhui province anti-fraud center to remind you: 1. Network friends need to be careful, especially when it comes to money, must be vigilant, and with friends and relatives around more communication, more inquiries, to prevent falling into the “trap”.2. To guide on the net to play lottery, investment, financial management and so on, first to sweet guide to continue to invest, must be fraud!3. “Pie does not fall from the sky”, the so-called “low cost, high return” are often deceptive cover, make money need to be down-to-earth.4. Tiktok, Kuaishou and other platforms will not recruit “like” members. Do not believe any advertisement of “like” or “swipe” for rebate.5. Once you find that you may be cheated, call 96110 for advice.Source of jianghuai sword edit | | Yu Ying proofreading | Wang Yafei whose hair | hairdresser wind