Students at Taocheng Middle School in Hengshui, China, have been accused of violating confidentiality contracts they signed last year

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Last study even sign confidential contract, the teacher receives gift phenomenon serious.The price of goods sold in school is twice that of outside school, corporal punishment and abuse of students are very common, and there are illegal organization of examinations, making two sets of curriculum to deceive the education department to cope with inspection and so on.Recently, many media reported that Hengshui Taocheng Middle School was sued by students.However, as the school strongly denied the allegations, the number of students in the school has been growing, with many graduates claiming to be from the school joining in the complaints and even launching a discussion on the Internet that teenagers will eventually win over capital.To tell you the truth, when XIAobian was in high school, Taocheng Middle School was once our school worship, but our school in addition to running and reading, other did not achieve.Because the pattern is true, it’s a little hard to follow.Secondly, and most importantly, molesting students is unacceptable to the whole society.If there are teachers who misbehave, students who are stressed into major depression, then this goes beyond the notion of improper ways to improve performance.Because the child’s physical and mental health is the foundation of all education, the results up, people waste, that is not the cart before the horse?Originally this matter has happened many days, the relevant media also reported, but xiaobian today is officially read the relevant news.The original taocheng Middle School has been hot search on many platforms for many times, but soon the heat fell visible to the naked eye, and even existed for a few minutes.The netizen is to send a video to vent to say, is really the drama scriptwriter can not write out of the plot ah, capital is really a good means.In order to prevent the relevant news from being seen by more people and make things go in an uncontrollable direction, we can freely verify whether capital is operating.After all, for such a battle, xiaobian once experienced a dark August, helplessly watching a young boy, by the capital of public opinion, just three days into a refute did not have a chance, the social death of a person.So I also want to say to those netizens who are struggling, this is not really dark, at least you can speak, at least the media stand on your side, everything is going in the right direction.However, I am also grateful to the tireless netizens who, in order not to let the matter go to the bottom of the sea, run and complain about the problems of Hengshui Middle School again and again on various platforms every day. Even if the information sent was soon drowned by big data, the determination of the teenagers not to bow to the evil forces could not be erased.As one netizen said, “Look, the spark has become a prairie fire. The world no longer needs lighthouses when the fireworks light up the night sky.”However, when capitalists step on the iron hoof again, they target the young, may the will of steel protect our young, young will eventually win over capital.Silence is equal to harm, do not break out is to die, believe in justice, justice is immortal.Therefore, we hope that the truth of this incident will come out as soon as possible.Only when the public is informed in an open and transparent way can schools restore order as soon as possible.The local education department said it had entered the school to investigate.We are more patient to wait for the follow-up relevant department notice.