National feather many world champion private party: Zheng Siwei and beauty play selfie, Jia Yifan full of vitality

2022-05-14 0 By

On January 27 (Beijing time), yu Xiaohan, a former women’s doubles player of China’s national Badminton Team, posted a group of photos of her private party on social media, which aroused strong concern among netizens.As can be seen from the photos, the participants in the guanyu Reunion include jia Yifan, Huang Dongping, Zheng Siwei and other world champions.It is reported that the closed training of the Chinese badminton team came to an end on Chinese New Year’s Eve, and the players dispersed and returned to their homes.Because there are no major competitions before and after the Chinese New Year this year, the national Yu soldiers can safely go home to spend the Chinese New Year with their families.After the New Year, Guo Yu will regroup and prepare for the important events such as the UK Championship and Tong You Cup.Seizing the rare holiday opportunity after training, the national Yu world champions had a private party together and had a sumptuous dinner on New Year’s Eve. The loving way of interaction made netizens leave comments and praise: “Ajia is beautiful” and “Fan Fan is so beautiful, who can not love her full energy?””, “It’s too handsome and gentlemanlike to take a selfie with a beautiful woman”, “Dong Ping and Fan Fan really have a tacit understanding, lucky didn’t even attend, maybe she took a bus home early”, “Guo Yu is really a very united group, love love”.In the past Olympic Games, The Chinese badminton team has accomplished all the tasks in the competitions with Jia Yifan/Chen Qingchen, Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping and Chen Yufei gradually becoming the mainstay of the team.Facing the Paris Olympics three years from now, the core team including defending champion Chen Yufei, Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping will continue to make an impact, and the future is more worthy of expectation.