Jiang Ge mother v. Liu Xin case of the second trial scheduled sentencing, Liu Xin in court several degrees of crying said no fault

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The second trial of jiang Ge’s mother jiang Qiulian’s lawsuit against Liu Nuanxi (original name Liu Xin) over the right to life dispute began at 9:30 am on February 16 at Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court in Shandong Province.The paper (www.thepaper.cn) learned from an observer at the court at about 13:20 on the same day that after nearly four hours of hearing, the court announced that the verdict would be decided at a later date.The witness told Thepaper.cn that Liu submitted a video of the crime scene and a cardboard simulation of the apartment where the crime occurred.In addition, Liu Xin respect to its in the case when the alarm audio made slow play analysis.Liu cried several times during the hearing, the observer told Thepaper.cn.Liu, his lawyer, and jiang’s mother, who did not attend the court for health reasons, appeared in court, thepaper.cn reported earlier.According to CCTV news, in the trial on the same day, the parties carried out cross-examination of evidence, the court debate.Liu Xin, the appellant, said jiang ge had taken the initiative to wait for Liu Xin without being asked to wait at the subway entrance.There is no evidence that Liu Xin entered the room first and then “locked the door.”It is impossible for Liu Xin to know and predict that Chen Shifeng will kill, and it is impossible for liu Xin to know and predict that Chen Shifeng will kill a person who has no relationship with him.Jiang ge was killed entirely because of Chen Shifeng’s actions.The appellant, Jiang Qiulian, said there was no evidence to support Liu’s assertion that Jiang ge had been waiting for Liu without liu asking her to wait at the subway entrance.The fact that Liu Xin “locked the door” has sufficient objective evidence to prove that Liu Xin’s denial only reproduced the situation that Liu Xin made false statements because of shirking his own responsibility.Liu Xin prevented Jiang Ge from calling the police with sufficient evidence to support.In 2016, Jiang Ge, who was studying in Japan, was killed in front of her house in Tokyo by Chen Shifeng, the ex-boyfriend of her friend Liu Xin, at the age of 24.On December 20, 2017, the Tokyo District Court sentenced Chen Shifeng to 20 years in prison for intentional homicide and intimidation.Jiang ge’s mother, Jiang Qiulian, held Liu responsible and filed a lawsuit against him in October 2019 for infringement of the right to life, seeking compensation of more than 2 million yuan.On January 10, 2022, Qingdao Chengyang District Court of the first instance ruled that the defendant Liu Nuanxi should compensate the plaintiff Jiang Qiulian RMB 496,000 for economic losses and RMB 200,000 for emotional damages within 10 days from the effective date of the judgment, and bear all the costs of accepting the case.Liu xin appealed.Bass side of the appeal petition, they think the court of first instance exists omission must participate in litigation of the parties and judgment that lack of evidence, error applicable law, the ruling pay the appellant mental damages of 200000 yuan, etc., without the basis requests second-instance court will be the case remanded or rejected all the claims of the appellee.Source: Thepaper.cn