Guan Xiaotong and his father were ‘brothers’ and his mother was’ strict’, but now He is adored as a ‘princess’ by Lu Han

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Guan Xiaotong is a very excellent girl, among many post-90s, her development is better.Guan Xiaotong was born into an artistic family and is worthy of the name “Jingge ge”.Her grandfather is a famous piano master, her father is a famous film and television actor, and her mother is also an excellent actress. Guan Xiaotong has been influenced by art since childhood, and her artistic talent is very high after growing up, which has a great relationship with her family.The family loves Guan Xiaotong very much, guan Xiaotong and his father’s relationship is very good.Generally speaking, the relationship between daughters and their fathers is very friendly, and Guan xiaotong is no exception. Guan xiaotong and his father are brothers.People were surprised, but her mother said they had always been like this and were not like father and daughter at all.Guan xiaotong often calls his father Lao Guan, which shows that they have a very harmonious relationship.Guan Shaozeng is also very conniving guan Xiaotong, let him call himself so, in his father’s eyes, this is not spoiled, is to respect her choice.Although Guan’s father was tolerant of her, her mother was strict.Guan Xiaotong revealed that if she did not do well, she would be pinched by her mother.Guan xiaotong said that her mother often strict with herself in this way, his legs have her red marks.Although Guan Xiaotong told her mother it hurt, but her mother did not think it was a serious thing.Guan xiaotong’s mother is so strict with her because she loves her and wants to cultivate her into an excellent girl.Under the careful instruction of her father and mother, Guan Xiaotong became a graceful big girl.Guan Xiaotong tall figure, high level of appearance, naturally will be loved by a lot of boys.Everyone was curious about what kind of boyfriend Guan xiaotong would choose, but it was unexpected that Guan and Lu got together.People don’t believe in their relationship and think Lu is not good enough for her.And their height is also very mismatched, but this is nothing in Guan xiaotong’s eyes, as long as two people really love each other is the best.As the saying goes, if a boy really loves you, he will treat you like a child, which is exactly what Lu did to Guan Xiaotong.It’s a sign of how important Guan was to Lu when he was at the peak of his career.He did not want to secretly fall in love with Guan Xiaotong, want to open her freely.Lu’s behavior is proof of his attitude toward Guan, who has become more and more beautiful and excellent with Lu.Guan xiaotong is getting older every year, but she is still a little girl at heart, and that has a lot to do with Lu Han.Lu Han dotes on Guan Xiaotong very much at ordinary times, gave sufficient Guan Xiaotong sense of security.Guan xiaotong doesn’t have to worry about Lu leaving her and lives happily every day.A person happiness is not happy from the expression can be seen, Guan Xiaotong face happiness, a look is living in happiness and love.