Development zone zhonghe GaC Toyota spring flash sale

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1. Gift: 99 yuan in advance to 3888 Yuan for car purchase fund (except Highlander and Xena)During the activity, you will enjoy 199 YUAN in advance to buy oil for five times in three years for ordering some models (limited to designated models, quota is limited).Installment cheap cars at value 2000 yuan 980 yuan of vehicle traveling data recorder + insurance rights and interests maintenance notes 5, new car ceremony: FengYunXing APP at the first successful order wei sayin owners rights and interests of 6, 5000 yuan, the electric ShangLi:Specify model line up and down electricity preferential order at 500 yuan (quota is limited First come first serve) 7, replacement ritual: replacement success to high at 5000 yuan subsidy 8, referral ceremony:The old owners turn successful car are introduced, namely to send 500 yuan voucher fuyang city in the us automobile sales and service co., LTD., founded in 2009 on August 31, officially opened in May 2010, the company is located in fuyang city economic development zone QiMao logistics park, covers an area of nearly square meters, is a strictly according to the gac Toyota international standard construction of automobile 4 s shop.It is also the first 4S shop in Fuyang city authorized by GAC Toyota to provide full-service including vehicle sales, after-sales service, parts supply and insurance. The sales models include all new Highlanda, Verlanda, CH-R, Camry, Camry double Engine, Leiling, Leiling double engine, Zhixuan, Zhixiang, Elfa and FJ Cooluze, etc.