A total of 346 million yuan was spent to upgrade the safety of drinking water in rural areas.

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In recent years, our county attaches great importance to comprehensively accelerate the consolidation and improvement of rural drinking water safety project construction, and strive to solve the problem of rural drinking water safety, improve the rural water supply security capacity, so that the people drink “assured” water.In changtan town Ma Keng village county rural water supply consolidation and promotion project construction site, the reporter saw that the engineering vehicle is digging pipe trench, workers are nervous orderly laying water supply pipeline, the scene a busy scene.Li Bo, technical director of The First Hunan Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Co., LTD. : Since the project entered the market, we have paid close attention to the key nodes, scientifically organized the construction, strictly adhered to the quality standards, grabbed the project progress, strengthened safety control, and further accelerated the pipeline laying construction progress., banana hill county rural water supply to consolidate enhance engineering issue of EPC general contracting project with a total investment of 130 million yuan, the construction of covering fuk town, Wen Fu town, south Qi town, long lake town, three towns, curriculum, new town, the town of blue fang, a total of 7 towns, after the completion of the project will be fully solve the problem of rural drinking water safety, to improve our county residents water supply reliability, to ensure the safety of water quality.In order to accelerate the construction of the project as soon as possible to benefit the masses, the county water bureau attaches great importance to, often in-depth construction of the first line, strictly the quality of the project.County water authority, a senior engineer Xiao-hong Chen: at present has been completed 70% of total project investment, estimated total investment of 130 million yuan, through the network transformation, water plants, water project construction, and the construction of informatization, eventually achieve the guarantee of water supply source, to ensure the safety of water supply water quality, reduce the cost of water supply, increase of water supply in Manila support capability.It is understood that since 2016, our county closely around the “city with rural, urban and rural complementary, zoning classification, comprehensive coverage” ideas, overall planning to build county water supply network extension and large-scale water supply, town level water plants and small centralized water supply, decentralized water supply as a supplement of the water supply system.A total of 346 million yuan has been invested in centralized water supply projects, of which 41.25 million yuan has been integrated to ensure the smooth progress of rural safe drinking water projects.At present, the county has built a county-level water plant with a daily water supply of 50,000 cubic meters, and built a rural water supply project with a total daily water supply of 35,000 cubic meters, including 5 town-level water supply stations, 67 administrative village-level water supply stations, and 50 natural village-level centralized water supply points with more than 20 households.100% of administrative villages have access to tap water and 100% of unincorporated villages have centralized water supply coverage, and 96% of the water quality is qualified.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com