A look at the cigarette factories of 18 tobacco companies

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The data sources of this paper are marked below the title of the chart. The chart and content are all original by Anan Xiaojie, and the whole network protection is opened. Please contact the author for reprinting and quoting.Tobacco and alcohol, although harmful to health, is one of the essential gifts for the Spring Festival in China, where there is a deep social emotion.As an account that focuses on observing society from the perspective of the city, we will share an overview of the distribution of tobacco and alcohol in the city in two articles.Today’s data, first share the distribution of cigarette factories in the city.A total of 77 cigarette factories were sorted out from the public data. They came from 18 tobacco companies and were distributed in 74 prefecture-level administrative regions in China, as shown in the figure below.Among them, Hongta Group and Hongyun Honghe Group, affiliated to China Tobacco Yunnan, have a combined 10 cigarette factories, ranking first in the number of tobacco companies among 18.China Tobacco Henan ranks second with seven cigarette factories.China Tobacco Hubei and Hunan tied for third place with six cigarette factories each.According to the cities and provinces where cigarette factories are located, the distribution of cigarette factories in China is shown in the figure below.Most of the tobacco companies’ cigarette plants are located in the province, with some exceptions.For example, eight of China Tobacco Yunnan’s 10 cigarette factories are located in Yunnan and two outside the province.Four of China Tobacco’s six cigarette factories are located in Hunan province, one in Wuzhong, Ningxia, and one in Siping, Jilin.Shanghai Tobacco has three cigarette factories in Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin.