Redmi phone is very cost-effective, snapdragon 870+LCD can be bought without 2K, would you consider it?

2022-05-13 0 By

It is well known that Hongmi phones are very cost-effective.This year’s Redmi K40 has received rave reviews.Sales and word of mouth double harvest.The price of 2000 yuan is very good.Its price has come down over time, but now it has competition.Not to be outdone iQOO Neo5 version of the strength of the friends, this really incense machine also began to clear stock.They have their winners and losers, but the iQOO’s selling point of having an LCD screen seems more special than the Redmi K40.In terms of configuration, iQOO Neo5 Vigor is still the mainstream.Powered by a Snapdragon 870 processor and supported by a combination of LPDDR5+UFS3.1, the performance is on par with the Redmi K40.It has a 6.57-inch screen and supports DC dimming at a 144Hz refresh rate.It’s not as good as an OLED screen, but it’s better for your eyes when you use it.There is no flicker, which is a concern for a lot of people.The body has 4500mAh battery and 44W flash charge.Both battery life and charging speed are basically satisfactory.Other aspects, the aircraft uses a combination of 48 million main camera +8 million ultra wide Angle +2 million macro sensor for Samsung GW3.To be honest, it is a poor one, but more focused on the game experience, equipped with full coverage of liquid cooling cooling.Memory fusion, the application of second, frame rate and other technologies of the cooling system is also available.So it’s an esports phone with a traditional case.Friends who like to play games should be a good choice.It feels very comfortable and the AG frosted back cover has a nice texture.Not the best equipped product at its price point, but enough to make electronics a little more attractive.The iQOO Neo5 was a selling point.It’s not that the OLED screen is bad, but the low-end models are known for their performance.Instead of raffling through various models, lie flat and hug the LCD screen.Also, the iQOO Neo5 is pretty well configured.In general, the mobile market is changing fast.Basically, a mobile phone can only be favored for six months.IQOO Neo5 Vitality edition naturally went to the edge of the pass.Under the onslaught of new phones, official channels have also started to cut prices.The 12+ 256GB version costs around 2,000 yuan, not to mention third-party platforms, which are often several hundred yuan cheaper than official channels.If you want a more stable or fragrant price, it depends on how you think, so we think about this phone, welcome to leave a message.