Guo Ru kui: Liu Fei is “total spy”!Liu2 fei: Guo Ru kui resembles total army!Both of them, actually

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In modern war of resistance against Japan and the liberation war, the importance of the intelligence work is as good as the front line of the importance of small, an important intelligence might reduce many of the casualties on the battlefield, in the same way, the difficulty of the comrades engaged in the work of intelligence is not as small soldiers who fight in front of difficulties, even they also assume greater psychological pressure.Because information workers work important, for their protection, their status is generally very few people know, the less people who they know, they will be safe, so many in the enemy’s internal intelligence researchers stood face to face, also don’t know each other is his comrade, in such cases, the hard to avoid in the story of “the waters rushed correlation”.In those days Guo Rugui and Liu Fei are in the kuomintang, two people do not know the identity of the other side each other, but also once because of misunderstanding each other scold the other side is “total spy”, did not think of is that these two people are my party comrade.Guo Rugui was born in Sichuan in 1907. When guo was 12 years old, he followed his father to Study in Chengdu. At that time, the Vigorous May 4th Movement swept the country, and Guo Rugui was deeply infected and joined the Patriotic Movement.Guo Rugui then entered the Huangpu Military Academy to read, in 1927, the kuomintang and the Communist cooperation for the first time broken, Chiang Kai-shek pursued the Communists, made the shocking “412 counter-revolutionary coup”, Guo Rugui suddenly got a special task, then also therefore advance graduation.In 1928, guo ye rose joined the communist party of China, but because the cousin around Guo Rudong is the kuomintang, and obey the arrangement of the Chiang kai-shek “qing” killed a large number of communists, even Guo Rudong don’t know guo ye rose also has joined the communist party of China, but for the sake of safety, guo ye be credited to the Japanese, the Japanese soldier college to continue reading.After the 918 incident, guo ye plead a rose joined the Japanese students dream of group, together with a all the Chinese students to return home, back to home, guo ye orbs make contact with the party organization, while looking for a new way, Guo Rudong to woo brother, arrange the quota for guo ye rose to enter the Chinese army university to continue reading.Until after the Xi ‘an Incident, the anti-japanese national United front was established, Chiang Kai-shek was forced to put down the policy against the Communist Party, into the anti-Japanese movement, Guo Rugui joined the army, in Wuhan battle is to show a long military ability, attracted the attention of division Commander Chen Cheng.Guo Rose to become a senior general within the Kuomintang, and became one of the thirteen taibao civil engineering department.After the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, Guo Rugui and dong Biwu, head of the Central Bureau of the Communist Party of China in the South, met. From then on, he maintained close contact with the Party organization and became a nail placed by the Communist Party in the Kuomintang.Water and fire not allow and Liu Fei was born in 1898, he was nine years older than Guo Rugui, hunan Liling people, he and Guo Rugui fate, not only because after two people have a fight, but also because Liu Fei had studied abroad in Japan, also are the communist Party installed in the enemy’s internal important one member.Liu Fei and Guo Rugui are the same, participated in the Anti-Japanese War, set a great war, so become the senior generals inside the Kuomintang, Liu Fei is the Kuomintang internal 11 years of the ministry of National Defense staff.Both were favorites of Chiang Kai-shek.During the War of liberation, both of them held important positions in the Kuomintang, and they often clashed with each other without knowing their identities, and even suppressed each other.After the huai hai campaign, the kuomintang (KMT), Chiang kai-shek realized he marched where seemed to be able to meet the people’s liberation army troops, even the people’s liberation army in advance set an ambush, waiting for his troops to drill, in this case, in addition to the people’s liberation army has power to predict the future, then most likely is around you have the eyes of the PLA.In addition, Chiang kai-shek was well aware that this “traitor” must be in a high position. In fact, there were few people in high positions, and he could count them on his hands.Chiang Kai-shek was determined to find out this “traitor” and began a vigorous campaign to find the traitor.And Guo Rugui and Liu Fei are in the object of suspicion, the heart of two people is very uneasy, at the same time also happen to be aware of this is also a good opportunity to suppress the other side.Oolong “report” is really big water rushed dragon temple.Guo ye be credited by Chiang kai-shek’s office, called Liu Fei mole, even took out “evidence”, which is on the eve of the huai hai campaign, the kuomintang army of three hundred thousand men gather in county in henan province and near yongqiu, according to the original plan should retreat to fully prepare for battle, clam xu Liu Fei, however, do not let the withdrawal, the results do battle with troops to SuYu general, losses.In fact, the fiasco of this matter more because of Chiang Kai-shek’s decision mistakes, Guo Rugui mentioned this matter also instantly let Chiang Kai-shek red, ashamed, and Chiang Kai-shek has always known that these two people don’t live, so did not guo Rugui’s report on the heart, comforted him two sentences sent him away.A few days later, Liu Fei came to “Sue”, claimed guo Rugui is a spy, Liu Fei also came up with their own evidence, the reason was Guo Rugui too clean, unlike the Kuomintang, but more like the Communist Party…Before long Du Yuming had also suspected Guo Rugui for the same reason, Liu Fei voice did not fall, Chiang Kai-shek flew into a rage, “our Kuomintang internal must be a group of corrupt officials is it?”Chiang kai-shek scolded Liu Fei and kicked him out of his office.Two people one time polemic, did not think unexpectedly of bump into by accident washed clear suspicion for two people, kuomintang building in the war later will incline, battle repeatedly defeat repeatedly, the liberation army of the people’s Liberation Army has been the general trend of The Times.Later comrades in the party to Guo Rugui revealed information, said to let him and Liu Fei good relations, Guo Rugui realized that Liu Fei probably and their own, is also a comrade of the Communist Party.Later guo Rugui launched an uprising in Yibin, while Liu Fei, as a representative of the Nationalist government, came to Beijing for peace talks. When the peace talks failed, he went to Hong Kong and launched an uprising.Chiang kai-shek, who was already in Taiwan, learned that both men were Communists.They also completed their work excellently and made important contributions to the victory of the War of Liberation.Summary: since ancient times, “those who get tao are more supportive, while those who lose tao are less supportive.”Chiang Kai-shek’s proud student Han Liancheng, the side of decades of female secretary Shen Anna are communist comrades, 9 secret departments such as the Ministry of National Defense “special telephone station” the person who works 7 are comrades of our party.When Chiang Kai-shek launched the civil war against the will of the people, he had already stood against the people, and his defeat was already doomed.Of course, we should be more grateful to guo Rugui, Liu Fei such underground workers, as well as all the revolutionary ancestors pay for the revolution, without their pay would not have the establishment of the new China, but not our stable and happy life now.