To the year of the Tiger, my blessing also sent

2022-05-12 0 By

Happy New Year, my best wishes to the Year of the Tiger came, good luck and lively, wish you happiness, health and peace will you closely around.I wish you good luck and good luck…I wish you: straight sail to the sea.Two wish you: the dragon took off in the sky.Three I wish you: financial resources lustily up to three rivers, house tickets are many cars.Four I wish you: business is thriving all over the world, season peace wealth.Wufu you: Wufu Rimmen backgammon.Six wish you: 66 dashun life is good.Seven wish you: seven stars as high as your house door.Eight I wish you: eight party to wealth has arrived, nine blessing you in one sunny day.Ten blessing you: perfect xiangyun enveloped.Dear friends, when you see my heart ️ blessing, plain sailing, two dragons take off, three Yang Kaitai, four seasons peace, five blessings, 66 dashun, seven stars, eight party to wealth, 99 concentric, perfect blessing has tightly around you.In the past year, no matter the joys and sorrows have passed, now, we carry happiness, peace, health, longevity and reunion on the 2022 train.Thanksgiving meet, walk hand in hand.2022, we continue, friends, promise me: no one is allowed to fall behind, 2022, we will create brilliant…Dear friends, hello!2022, hand in hand to create brilliant!All things spring farewell, a wick fragrance worship nine xiao Xiao.Huhu shengwei years came, one year old ending in tonight.Sweep away the palace of dust, huhu live in today.Dear friends, clumsy pig wishes you a Happy New Year [koi][koi][heart][Heart]