Lego is rumored to be releasing a larger Marvel Doctor Strange Sanctuary set in 2022

2022-05-12 0 By

The all-new Lego Marvel Sanctuary is rumored to be coming later this year and will contain more than 2,700 particles.Instagram user Tandnbricks reports that The Sanctum Sanctorum 76218 will be available in May or June, with a us price tag of $210.The price tag is far more than the previous largest Lego version of Doctor Strange’s residence, 76108 Doctor Strange’s Most Holy of Holies.76108 contains 1,004 pellets and will retail for $99.99 that year, while 76218 Holy of Holies will contain 2,708 pellets.So what we’re looking at is the biggest (and hopefully the best) Lego Holy of Holies yet, perhaps designed in the mold of a street view building, the same as last year’s 76178 Bugle Daily.There’s no word yet on whether 76218 Sanctum sanctum is based on the comics or the upcoming Doctor Strange 2: The Mad Multiverse, but the rumored Humanoid inventory suggests it’s likely the latter.According to Tandnbricks, the Holy of Holies 76218 May include three different Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man and Spider-Man.But for now, these are just rumors that have surfaced.The big DC suit, which was previously rumored, will apparently now be part of the Marvel lineup.This rumor also fits in with what we heard a few months ago, so it still feels like a possibility.Until the official announcement from the Lego Group is made, be cautious.However, for fans, it is worth considering whether to hold back on the purchase budget until further information is released.