King of Glory: His speed of 14 archers is revealed. Mongchallenger has the slowest speed while Houyi Luban is the third from bottom

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Speed of movement is a very important attribute in King of Glory, which is directly related to the efficiency of regiment support before war, regiment position during war, regiment pursuit or retreat after war.There are currently 14 archers in the canyon, and their movement speed varies greatly depending on each hero’s skill.There are 14 shooters in total, but they only move in three tiers: 350, 360, and 380.The shooter moving speed of 350 (the lowest level) in a total of 8 shooters, they are: 100 li Shouyue, Jialuo, Gongsun Li, Huang Zhong, Li Yuanfang, Marco Polo, Sun Shangxiang, Yu Ji.Regardless of the influence of other equipment and inscriptions, the maximum movement speed of each hero is: 350× (1+60%) =560 (548). Garo: 370× (1+20%) =444350× (1+70%) =595 li Yuanfang: 350 Marco Polo: 350× (1+40%) =490 Sun Shangxiang: 350× (1+80%) =630 (587.5)350× (1+60%) =560 (actually 548) It seems that the movement speed is 350, but after adding skills, sun Shangxiang can achieve 587.5, and Li Yuanfang can still achieve 350.On Tier 360, there are 5 archers on tier 360. They are Di Renjie, Hou Yi, Lu Ban 7th, Meng Yasuo and Erin.On yasuo Dai, his speed is 360× (1+60%) =576 (560.5) From yasuo Dai 360, his skill is 310 after he turns on his regular 360.Irene: 360× (1+10%) =396 on Tiers 1, his speed is 310 on yasuo (of course, he moves fast when he opens).It is important to note that Lu Ban and Houyi have no ability to increase their speed, which is why they are commonly referred to as post shooters.Finally, there was one and only one archer to reach 380 speed, and he was Genghis Khan.In addition to fast base movement, Genghis Khan’s passivity (40%), first skill (40%), and second skill (40%) all increase his movement speed, so genghis Khan’s movement speed stays high as long as he is in the grass (614.5).(4) In the comprehensive data, without considering equipment and inscriptions, Genghis Khan ranked first with a speed of 614.5, and the others with a speed of more than 500 were Baili Shouyue, Huang Zhong, Sun Shangxiang, Yu Ji and Di Renjie.In this, the movement speed of Baili Shouyue and Di Renjie needs to be stacked to reach the limit, while huang Zhong, Sun Shangxiang and Yu Ji only need to use one skill, which also has substantial differences.Would you chase Genghis Khan through the bushes after seeing these speed stats?Would you try to keep a hundred miles without multiple displacement?Of course, in addition to increasing/decreasing their own movement speed, most shooters have the ability to slow others down.02 very exaggerated deceleration effect does not look do not know, after carefully reading the introduction, I found that the original shooter hidden so many deceleration king.There are 14 heroes who do not slow down more than 50%. Only Gongsun Li, Marco Polo and Mengyasuo don’t have any slow down skill.Gongsun Li and Marco Polo are extremely maneuverable and should not slow down.Mongchallenger’s trigger area is the highest on Yasuo and his skill does not slow down is worthy.⑵ decelerate to 90% of the hero as we all know, skills decelerate the maximum value is 90%, can achieve this effect in the king of glory in a total of few, in the archer actually appeared 4.The two skills of one hundred li keep an appointment, hou Yi’s big move, Sun Shangxiang’s two skills, Yu Ji’s big move, all of them are familiar to everyone and have suffered many losses of skills.The summary of the comprehensive, 100 li Shouyue, Luo, Hou Yi, Li Yuanfang, Lu Ban no. 7, Yu Ji have two deceleration skills, in fact, and these heroes in a pair of lines have a good fighting capacity.Finally, the speed of movement and deceleration of the two data combined to see why a hundred miles to keep the contract so annoying, know after skill repair sun Shangxiang why so strong.Movement speed may not seem obvious compared to attack, defense, and displacement skills, but when you have a higher speed, the world looks different.Above, I am Jing Hai Jun, like to remember to point attention oh, thank you.