Chinese coach Ahn Hyun-soo posted late at night!He may not be teaching in China

2022-05-12 0 By

In a recent period of time, south Korean media and Chinese media has formed the situation in which opposing each other, that is because of the short track speed skating competition of the Beijing Olympics had great controversy, south Korean media and the public think winter Olympics held in the referee, so that they serve the host, while the Chinese audience and the media said the actions of the Beijing Olympics is very fair, all data are open and transparent,Under such circumstances, many South Korean coaches who have made contributions to China’s short track speed skating have become the target of public criticism. For example, Ahn Hyun-soo, the short track speed skating technical coach, was hit by a net attack, and his family was also hit hard, so Ahn Hyun-soo also thought of retiring.Viktor ahn is wang meng coach specially invited to the Chinese short track speed skating team, as a technical coach wang meng said the south Korean people abused viktor ahn, no qualification is to give him a chance in China, let him as a coach, if not the Chinese short track speed skating team, at the invitation of viktor ahn is likely has now left the short track speed skating arena, this is a big blow to him.And viktor ahn suffered violence after finally carry not to live, he published a paper in the middle of the night, thanks to our Chinese friends support and care for him, and said he would continue to come on, and short track speed skating team players fight together to the end of the game, can feel from the words of viktor ahn, he seems to want to leave, although and the players will be fighting to the end,However, under the pressure of public opinion, it will be difficult for him to stay in the team. After all, his family is still in South Korea, and his daughter has even been threatened by Korean netizens.Anyway, viktor ahn whether you choose to remain in China’s domestic coach is his personal choice, although the Chinese short track speed skating team are looking forward to he can bring the players more technical guidance, but viktor ahn if you choose to go back to South Korea, fans also can choose to support, short track speed skating competition, after all is just a part of life, accompanied by his side’s talent is more important,I hope that Coach Ahn hyun-soo can help The Chinese short track speed skating team to achieve better results in the next few years, and I also look forward to a better future for him and a happy life with his family.