CRV, Rongfang and CX5 are competing for the best compact SUV. Who will win?

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The three most popular Japanese compact SUVs in the world are the Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4 Rongfang and Mazda CX5.Among them, Honda CRV is the favorite of Chinese people, Toyota RAV4 Rongfang is the favorite of Australian people, and Mazda CX5 is the king of sales in the American automobile industry.In the Chinese market, these three models dominate each other, and their advantages are different.Honda CRV: The best choice for people who love big space ample interior space should be the core advantage of Honda CRV, which is also the reason why this car is respected in the Chinese market.After all, Chinese family concept is deep, when choosing a car, more will consider the size of the back and trunk.The Honda CRV just happens to do well with space.In terms of appearance, configuration, power and so on, Honda CRV’s performance is also fairly average, although there is nothing impressive, but it can meet the needs of users.In the eyes of most Chinese, the Honda CRV isn’t the best car in its price range on the market, but at least it’s a safe choice.The CRV’s problems, however, were obvious: the interior was poorly built, soundproofed and uncomfortable, and the body was not solid enough that the front bumper could easily come off in a crash.As a result, this car is not popular with most young people under 30.In the list of the warranty rate of compact SUV, the warranty rate of Toyota RAV4 has always occupied the first throne for many years, and the warranty rate of three years has reached an amazing 79.63%, which also makes it the best transition model in the eyes of users.Rongfang’s advantage is similar to that of Honda CRV, which is known for its large space.And rongfang compared with CRV, its advantage is that the interior is slightly more delicate than CRV, more durable;The safety factor is also higher than that of CRV. In Australia, where accidents occur frequently, cars with a high safety factor are more likely to be favored by the public.However, the disadvantages of RONGfang are also obvious, such as thin paint, poor sound insulation and other problems are the same as CRV, and the power of Rongfang will be slightly insufficient.Due to the heavy weight of rongfang, the 2.5L engine still does not have good power performance on rongfang.When it comes to Mazda models, most people will think their cars are very beautiful.To be sure, Mazda CX5 has a high level of appearance that no other model can match, so that people who look at it will be impressed by it.But appearance is not the deciding factor in choosing a car.Mazda CX5 is favored by users mainly for two reasons: first, comfort.Mazda CX5 adopts Japanese minimalist aesthetic, reasonable layout, easy to see, the cockpit is an embrace design, common operation configuration around the driver’s seat, easy to operate.The front and rear seats are made of leather, which greatly improves the comfort of the passengers in the car.Such a car is undoubtedly the best car for a long drive.Second, cost performance.Thanks to Mazda’s excellent Blue sky technology, this car not only has strong power, but also has low fuel consumption.Among CRV, Rongfang and CX5 models, only Mazda CX5 can control its comprehensive fuel consumption below 8.0L/ 100km.Mazda CX5 owners will no doubt save a lot of money at the pump.The above is the introduction of CRV, RONGfang, CX5 three models, I do not know which one you like?