How many ways can Chinese fairies fly?Why didn’t The Monkey King carry Tang Priest to the west?

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The 24th time fairy flight has several kinds before see “journey to the West” have a question: Sun Wukong is not a somersault ten thousand eight thousand li?Why don’t directly tang monk back, turn over a somersault not arrived?In fact, this problem in the original work 22 back to the flow of sand river when there is a solution: eight quit way: “elder brother ah, since so easy, you carry the master, only nod, bow waist, jump past just, why bitter and his fight?”The traveler said, “You can’t ride a cloud?Are you carrying master there?”Eight quit way: “master’s flesh and blood every womb, heavy like Mount Tai, I this ride cloud, how worthy?Can do nothing but yours.”20. “My tumbler,” said the traveler, “a good way is a cloud, but can travel a little farther and a little farther.You can’t carry it, but how can I carry it?Since ancient times, Mount Taishan has been as light as mustard seeds, and it is difficult to take ordinary people out of the world of mortals.Like this monster of poison, he steals and makes waves, but he pulls and pulls and moves where he is, and cannot carry it away into the air.Like that, Lao Sun can do it too.There is the stealth method, the method of shrinking the ground, Lao Sun is known.But the master had to go through a foreign land, unable to escape from the sea of suffering, so he could not take a step.You and I can only act as a supporter to keep him alive and alive. We cannot replace these troubles and obtain sutras. Even if there are people who go to see the Buddha first, the Buddha will not treat the sutras well with us.If it is easy to get, it is easy to see.”There are two ways of flying: flying through clouds and flying through clouds.So, in Chinese mythology, how many ways of flying gods and demons?In the original myths and legends, Chinese people’s imagination of flying is still the same as that of westerners, which is to grow wings.In the book of Mountains and Seas, there is a feather nation with wings. In the book of Gods, Lei Zhenzi and Xin Huan, as well as the Lei Gong of folklore, are all bird people with wings (not calling names).But long wings give people a feeling too LOW, “Bao Piao Zi” peng Zu said: “the ancient immortal, or the body born wings, change flight, the loss of human origin, more by the alien, like the bird for clam, pheasant for clam, inhuman also”.It is not man that has wings.So we Chinese thought of using magic.In addition to the above mentioned driving clouds, photography, similar to the Gang 36 law in the longitudinal gold, five elements of the great dun.Driving cloud also belongs to day gang 36 law actually, call driving fog cloud, this good understanding.Somersault cloud is a special version of the driving cloud, if the general fairy driving cloud is home sedan, the somersault cloud is quite a supercar.Vertical to the golden light in the “romance of the Gods” appeared more, also known as the golden light vertical, vertical to the golden light method, vertical to the speed of thousands of miles, is the beginning of the Yuan Tianzun.The advantage of this spell is that it does not require much mana, but the disadvantage is that it is slow.”Romance of the Gods” in the poison of Lv Yue let the west qi city in trouble, the twelve golden fairy rushed to rescue, but the first arrived is a crane mount huanglong real person, followed by the use of vertical golden jade tripod real person.Huanglong asked, “Why did Brother Dao come so late?”Ashamed of himself, The jade Ding said, “I have borrowed the golden land, so I have come so late.”The five elements big escape is by means of the surrounding environment of the five elements of material rapid transfer, divided into gold, wood, water, fire and earth five kinds of escape art, “romance of the Gods” middle school road not jiang Zi tooth will five elements escape art, visible not what advanced magic.Jindun: You can instantly escape to 300 li by touching metal objects and come out again where there are metal objects.Use only once a day.Wood dun: by touching the wood immediately escape to the area of wood within 300 li and then out.Use only once a day.But there must be “living” trees.Escape: jump into the water (must be completely submerged), can immediately escape to any water within a radius of 100 miles.Use only once a day.If you don’t escape from the water for three days, you’ll be trapped forever and become an aquarium.Fire escape: touch the fire and you can escape, from any fire within 300 miles.Use only once a day.Exposure to irresistible flame burns on entry and exit may result in death, depending on the intensity of flame and time burn.If he does not escape from the fire for three days, he will reappear in his place and burn himself to death.Earth dun: through touching the land to display, the master can achieve the effect of daily travel thousands of miles.The earth practice used by Sun tuxing and Zhang Kui in The Romance of Gods is an evolutionary version of earth dun.The Japanese ninjas use dun art is a degraded version of the five elements dun art.The dun art in fire shadow borrowed a name completely namely, and the dun art of the ninja in reality is a few camouflage art, escape art, stealth art.As ordinary people, what use most is the low match variant version of water dun — make water dun.(I was joking about the last two paragraphs. Don’t take them seriously.)There is also a more easily confused tianggang thirty-six law is yu Shen yu qi.Yu Shen Yu qi refers to the yuan Shen out of the body, with the empty royal air, roaming in heaven and earth, the emperor in heaven and earth.Meta-gods can float around in the air, so it doesn’t count as flying.There is also a diving deep shrinking ground, also called shrinking ground skill, there is an idiom called shrinking ground into an inch refers to it, in fact, folding space, with space jumping some similar, are short distance transmission.The imperial wind is to ride the wind;Zhaoyun is to move clouds;Earthwork is earthwork.But all of these spells cost mana, so the gods thought of two other ways to do it: one was to ride a flying mount, the other was to use a magic weapon.Mount needless to say, the most common flying talisman is the imperial sword.Of course, you don’t like sword and other things.The next step is to build a flying machine.It was more than fifty feet long and it sounded like copper and iron, hard and never got worsted….Guang Ming since the loss, croucher also fly.”During the reign of Tang Loyal, there was a fairy boat in the Linde Palace, more than fifty feet long, and when it was hammered, it sounded like copper and iron, hard and not corrosive.Unfortunately, the fairy boat flew away.This account is very much like the UFO incident in tang Dynasty.Finally, the method of photography.From the records in the Journey to the West, low-level demons fly, often make a gust of wind close to the ground flight.When flying, sometimes with a mass of black gas, so as to take the mortal run.But photography can easily give away their whereabouts, so it is a relatively low level of flying.In addition, in Chinese myths and legends, some unrefined goblins fly sideways. Like foreign superheroes, Chinese deities generally fly upright.It is said that aerodynamics and the knowledge of the stratosphere and troposphere are also involved in this, which I do not understand, it is difficult to talk nonsense.If you’re interested, you can search for it.