Foshan new airport, fulong Xijiang bridge to the latest progress

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The latest!Foshan new Airport construction headquarters office building renovation project public bidding excited foshan new airport has new news!It can be seen on the official website of Foshan Public Resources Exchange Center that the office building renovation project of the headquarters in front of foshan new airport construction is open for bidding, which means that the completion of foshan new airport is one step closer.According to screenshots on the official website of Foshan Public Resources Exchange Center, the construction project of the office building reconstruction of the headquarters in front of the Construction of Foshan New Airport is under bidding. The construction site is located in the former office building of the Party and Mass Service Center in Xinxu Community, Genghe Town, Gaoming District, Foshan city. The estimated investment for construction and installation is about 11.5 million yuan, and the planned construction period is 100 calendar days.Foshan in front of the new airport construction headquarters office building renovation project belongs to the old property, the property putting-in-service proactively built in 2001, the total area of 4106 ㎡, building area of 2812 ㎡, by a deputy building of six floors of the main building and a 2 layer, plans to planning layout of nine independent office meeting room 5, comprehensive office 11.In this week, the first phase of the airport economic zone infrastructure project is also officially started.This makes us more confident, more look forward to flying general gao Ming is coming!In addition, the construction of fulong Xijiang Bridge also ushered in new progress!As of February 15, 58% of fulong Xijiang Bridge has been completed. The two main piers on the east and west banks of the Xijiang River have been built up to section 26 with a height of 148 meters and section 21 with a height of 115 meters respectively.After January 16, the last batch of workers will all post, the bridge construction will be in full swing, scheduled to be completed next year open to traffic.Overlooking the fulong Xijiang Bridge under construction.At the construction site, truck cranes and transport vehicles come in and out, and several workers are sorting the newly unloaded steel bars, and then hoisting them to the main pier tower construction platform by tower crane.Wearing a safety helmet, the body of the safety belt of the steel class workers division of labor to complete the establishment of the main bar cone sleeve installation, extrusion, and reinforcement reinforcement and other processes.Xiao Jun, head of the reinforcement team, said, “We have a team of 4 people, and each team can install nearly 200 φ40 main bars a day at most.”According to the engineering design planning, the main pier tower has 36 sections, with a total height of 194.5 meters.The tall towers are in sight, and the workers are pressing on.”Before returning to work, the project department strictly followed the requirements on epidemic prevention and control and production safety.At present, 10 sites of the project have returned to work, with a return rate of 80%.”Yin Zonglin, deputy production manager of fulong Xijiang Bridge project management department, said that safety inspections have been carried out, and third-party professional organizations have been commissioned to overhaul special equipment such as gantry cranes and tower cranes.In order to ensure the quality of construction, technical disclosure is also carried out for workers in the field, and the first piece system is re-implemented for the main work sites.It is reported that fulong Xijiang Bridge is a 580-meter cable-stayed bridge with double towers and double cable planes and a total length of 1770.6 meters. It is not only the core project of the construction strategy of the First Ring in Foshan, but also the largest span bridge in the city.The project was officially started in October 2019, with a total length of about 5.81 kilometers, crossing xijiang River from west to east, connecting jihua Road west extension line in the east, passing Through Hecheng Street in Gaoming District and Baini Town in Sanshui District, and connecting the First Ring West Tuobei Section through Jinbai Line.After completion, gaoming District will achieve rapid docking with foshan central city, radiating foshan Western area traffic integration, industrial integration and urban integration.Source: Gaoming published