Chen Xilian is working, sentry notice said a fellow looking for him, the general thought: who will he be?

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Comrade Chen Xilian, the former head of the Central Military Commission and commander of the Beijing Military region, was in office. The gate post informed him that there was an old man in the countryside looking for him, and said that he had to see him in person. Chen Xilian walked toward the door and wondered in his heart: Who is looking for me?General Chen Xilian (1915-1999) was born in Hong ‘an, Hubei Province. He joined the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army in 1929 and the Communist Party of China in 1930.In the red fourth Front Army, he successively served as the political instructor of the company, the political commissary of the battalion, the political commissary of the regiment, the deputy division commander, and the political commissary of the division. He took part in the counter-encirclement and suppression operations of the Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area, and participated in the opening up of the Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet area and the anti-three-way siege and anti-six-way siege operations.He joined the Long March of the Red Fourth Front Army and arrived in Yan ‘an, northern Shaanxi in 1936.After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, Chen Xilian served as commander of the 769 regiment of 385 Brigade, 129th Division of the Eighth Route Army.October 1937: led the whole regiment to wage war with the Japanese army for the first time, storming the Japanese Yangmingbao airport, destroying the Japanese garrison guarding the airport and blowing up 24 Japanese fight-bombers, effectively supporting the Decisive battle of Xinkou Battle on the front battlefield of the Kuomintang.Unfortunately in this battle, Chen Xilian’s right-hand man, three battalion commander Zhao Chongde blood sprinkled field, glorious sacrifice.Is also the first battle of division in 129, the Japanese air support power loss for attacking XinKou, taiyuan, and was forced to withdraw a garrison forces behind, this improve the prestige of the eighth route army, the first world war, so to speak, Yang Ming fort combat results exceeded Lin biao fighting ping xing pass in command, just fight ping xing pass the propaganda,In the high point of public opinion more than Chen Xilian command of the surprise attack Yangmingbao airport battle.Chen Xilian later led his troops to participate in shentouling, Xiangtangpu, southeast jin Nine road siege and other battles.In 1938, he served as deputy brigade commander and brigade commander of 385th Brigade, 129 Division, and commander of the third Military Division of Taihang Military Region.In 1940, in 129 t broken incoming bouvet railway operations, led the troops to hinterland of flowering, in combination of methods, quickly eliminate the Japanese sales town, in the first phase regiment campaign battle, his obstinate in mountain lion brain scope, the Japanese attack, to the Japanese to major killer, contain a large number of Japanese troops, to 129 in ragged ZhengTai Road attack action, have created favorable conditions.In 1943, he came to Yan ‘an from the battlefield behind enemy lines and studied in the Party School of the CPC Central Committee. He systematically studied Marxism-Leninism and MAO Zedong Thought, deepened his determination to devote himself to communism for life and strengthened his theoretical cultivation.After the victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, he served as the commander of the third column of the Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan Military Area and the Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan Field Army (later the Central Plains Field Army), and successively participated in shangdang, Handan and southwest Shandong.In 1947, he took part in the campaign to march into the Dabie Mountains and led the third column to leap thousands of miles into the Dabie Mountains. After entering the Dabie Mountains, he waged arduous mobile warfare against the Kuomintang army and liberated nine counties and a large area of West Wan in half a month, opening a new situation in West Wan.In November 1948, the huai hai campaign began, chon lane victor came soldiers out of the dabie mountains, central plains field army first command, the third column of west and east China field army column 13 corps, was ordered to capture province in, in combat, the head of all levels of commander of frontier investigation, grasp the first-hand information, well-prepared, day and night by a guild wars, the province in all destroy enemy troops on the defensive,The Liu Chi group in Xuzhou was completely isolated, and later, with its brothers, destroyed the 12th Huangwei Regiment of the Kuomintang army in Shuangduji.In February 1949, he served as the commander of the third Corps of the second Field Army, and led his troops to participate in the battle of crossing the River. After breaking through the river defense, he detour to zhejiang-Jiangxi Line, wiped out remnants of the enemy, marched into the southwest, encircled and annihilated Song Xilian Corps, captured The Kuomintang subsidiary capital Of Chongqing, and concurrently served as the first secretary of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, mayor and commander of the Eastern Sichuan Military Region.After the founding of New China in 1950, he was transferred to the ARTILLERY unit of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, serving as the first artillery commander and concurrently as the president of the Artillery Academy. He presided over the formulation of artillery development plans, organized the refitted troops to import and develop artillery equipment, and did a lot of pioneering work for the artillery development of the PLA.By the end of 1950s, the artillery achieved the requirements of a large troop, reasonable organization, complete supporting sets and formal training, and played an important role in the war of resisting the United States and aiding Korea and shelling Kinmen.In the process of selecting the site of China’s first missile test base, he led the expert group to fly through the Gobi Desert and visit the no man’s land many times, thus mastering a great deal of first-hand information and making important contributions to the establishment of the PLA’s strategic missile force.In 1959, he served as commander of Shenyang Military Region, secretary of the Secretariat of the Northeast Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and lei Feng, an advanced model and model soldier in the Northeast Military region, was discovered and publicized by him. Chairman MAO himself nominated “learn from Comrade Lei Feng” after discovering Lei Feng’s advanced deeds.In December 1973, the commanders of the eight military regions were exchanged, and he was transferred to the Beijing Military Region as commander, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Military Commission, and vice Premier of The State Council.He was elected to the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Advisory Committee in 1982.After Chen Xilian took the old man from the countryside to his office, he asked him kindly, “Little Leo, for so many years, I haven’t heard from you since you were injured and disappeared. How did you manage to survive these decades?Tell me.”Chen Xilian general called little Plum country old man sighed, Chen Xilian told his experience;Originally, this is called the little old man is the red army period chon lane victor guards plum of the country, he is in sichuan, red fourth-front armies came to chuanshan, he signed up for the red army of workers and peasants, at that time he was 13, due to the small clever, clever hands, was then a HongSiJun 11 political commissar chon lane victor singled out, to give him when the guards, has been at his side,From Sichuan shaanxi came to Yan ‘an, and later went to the anti-japanese front.On March 16, 1938 in ShenTouLing ambush, mayor of 385 brigade 769 tuan tuan chon lane victor command troops on the ground to attack the Japanese, the Japanese shell, exploded beside chon lane victor, he guards small plum quickly jump to chon lane victor, chon lane victor saved, but his guards small plum was wounded,The explosion swept down the hillside, Chen Xilian emergency sent two soldiers down to rescue Dicaprio, he continued to command the battle, eliminate the remnants of the Japanese, two down to search for wounded Dicaprio was found by the Japanese reinforcements, a volley, two people died on the spot.Chen Xilian to see the Japanese reinforcements have arrived, had to lead the emergency transfer of troops.Little Plum fell to the hillside after the explosion, just fell into a pile of grass, and so on after the Japanese army withdrew, unconscious little Plum was found by the local people, he will carry home for treatment, Little Plum finally survived, but because of his leg injuries, became lame.At that time, he did not want to cause trouble to the army because of his inconvenient legs. He did not know where the army had moved to. A local girl liked him, so he lived in seclusion in the western mountains and became a farmer.After 1980, when the central government implemented the policy of the red Army displaced persons, he went to the local civil affairs bureau to state his case, but because no one could prove his own identity, he could not implement the identity of the old Red Army for him.When he saw his old chief Chen Xilian working in the central government from the newspaper, he came to Beijing, one is to talk about the past with the old chief, but let the old chief to their opening proof.After Chen Xilian listened to The story, he sighed with emotion and said: “Little Leo, since the war in Shentouling, I sent people to look for you, but I couldn’t find you. I thought you were all sacrificed. Why didn’t you come to me earlier?”Leo says, “Sir, I don’t want to bother you, do I?Now there is really no one to prove my identity, but you.”The general said, “It is incumbent on me to prove that you are an old Red army soldier. I will open it for you at once.”The general immediately wrote a letter to Leo, signed his name and gave it to Leo.When he returned home, he presented him with 2000 yuan as a gift to Dicaprio. Dicaprio refused to accept his refusal. The general got angry and said, “This is our personal relationship.Li Zi has to accept it. The general sends his staff to buy a return ticket for Li Zi and take him to the station. Li Zi happily returns to Shanxi.He came to the local civil affairs bureau, the relevant departments soon implemented for him the old Red Army scattered personnel certificate, so that he can receive a monthly living allowance, old-age support.In his later years, Dicaprio was relatively happy, with children, grandchildren, four generations of children, and good air in the countryside