Wei Xiang, a retired military police officer turned comedian, has been in the lead role for 20 years, and his new film is a surprise hit during the Spring Festival season

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The Chinese New Year movie “The Killer Is Not Too Calm”, released by Mahua Funage, overtook Han Han’s “The Four Corners” to rank second at the box office after word-of-mouth fermented.Wei Xiang, the leading actor in the film, is an old member of Mahua Fun. Ma Li also praised Wei Xiang in an interview, saying that Wei Xiang has worked very hard for nearly 20 years, and this time he also hopes to be recognized by the audience.This thought shen Teng absent happy mahua film, has been unable to create myth again, but Wei Xiang took the happy mahua male leading role of the baton, excellent performance, with their own performance harvested a lot of people’s attention, we are sincerely happy for him: he finally played the male leading role.He has been on the road of drama for many years. From the humble professional at the beginning to the new “official match” of Ma Li, he has stepped out of his own splendor.Wei Xiang was born in 1979 in Mianyang city, Sichuan Province. He was once a third-class armed police officer and retired in November 2002. After retirement, he was admitted to Beijing Film Academy.As for what he learned at The Beijing Film Academy, he said bluntly in an interview many years later that there were no teachers to teach them comedy at school, because there was no comedy at that time, so he didn’t try to define himself. Sometimes life is just a combination of circumstances and a bright future.In 2003, became a member of a team of happy twist wei zifeng, was determined to develop in a direction comedy, at first he has no chance of appearing on TV, only a another play the rehearsal, in happy twist between dormant for ten years, he finally well-grounded, in 2013 for the first time appear in CCTV, performing the work “yuanxiao”.In 2015, he entered the “Happy Comedian”, wearing a helmet to play a soldier, and Shen Teng together to perform the program, interestingly, Wei Xiang and Shen Teng seem to have some fate.Shen Teng was born on October 23, wei Xiang was born on October 22, and their birthdays were only one day apart.Shen Teng was asked the most afraid and who shared the stage, said he was afraid with Wei Xiang, because every time with him on the stage are easy to laugh, but Wei Xiang’s first impression of Shen Teng is not good, he saw Shen Teng at first glance, feel Shen Teng is a particularly proud person.Wei Xiang later in “White Snake Prequel”, wearing a small green clothes, mellow long matching this fairy floating hair and clothing, full of contradictions, but played a kind of unexpected funny effect.But at that time, it was also said that he and kong Lianshun in “Never expected” some face clash shape.Lie between old, the kong Lianshun of 10 thousand match day appropriate has disappeared, and Wei Xiang moves towards big screen step by step however, such life adventure is more can’t help letting a person sigh with emotion.Wei zifeng in 2016 in the glad agents play a role, the script is another starring comedian package bell, unexpectedly wei zifeng is a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, next to the supporting it props up a play, he play the role of itself is a villain, but all the whole play dramatic conflicts and the punchline were focused on him.After his character died in the drama, the number of views of the drama immediately plunged, which shows people’s regret for his departure. Some netizens even commented that the drama would not be happy without Wei Xiang.Wei Xiang, who previously worked in small-budget online drama and comedy, finally gained fame in the film industry with the release of The Richest Man in Xihong City in 2018.Before the movie, happy twist team several actors in it, and have achieved breakthrough and broken ring, Shen Teng and Mary with charlotte annoyance, already rush out, Allen is also with the iron fist of shy with fame, wei zifeng in happy twist team or tepid, can only play a supporting role, but he wasn’t discouraged because of this,He plays a supporting role will be patient to consider each role.At that time, he played the football captain in The Richest Man in Hong Kong, and had a Mediterranean hairstyle for the role, which added a lot of jokes to the movie. Many people said that Wei Xiang’s laugh was very evil, and his feminine expression and voice were impossible to imitate.In 2019, wei zifeng on the CCTV Spring Festival gala show the sketch of seat, a year later, packages bear starring film “my robot girlfriend”, again remind of the wei zifeng supporting the own funny gifts of gold, and he called to starring in the movie, in the film, wei zifeng once again reveal their talent, he has a moustache, like fat ShaYi version.When attending the movie premiere, Wei Xiang also specialized in the premiere scene reduction of a magic laugh in the movie, this is when he and Xin Zhilei drink together, drink out of the time of the laughter.Reduction is just right, the xin Zhilei next to all laugh.2020 National Day, “I and my hometown” released, a lot of people are moved by shen Teng and Ma Li between this beautiful love, who noticed that there is a village chief in this, in order to Shen Teng left, at all with the whole village pretending to be Russian to cheat Ma Li, and the village chief actor is Wei Xiang.From this time on, such voices gradually appeared on the network, most of which is to say that Wei Xiang has absolute strength, not such a statement.Although he played some supporting roles, but many audiences have begun to notice him, also want him to play the leading role.3, cook for 20 year become the hero in 2021 cny “hello, Li Huanying inside hot films, wei zifeng guest a minutes, let a lot of people like his play the classic, then Shen Teng as factory only broadcaster, said my mandarin is very standard, and this time there is a bar fine turned to ridicule him, the essence is wei zifeng.Wei Xiang said lightly that all his efforts had come from his father. Shen Teng was unconvinced and answered him with a few words. Wei Xiang suddenly rolled his eyes.The white eyes of many audience to laugh, he took hold of the essence of this small person, but also can catch shen Teng’s play.When the official announcement of the production of The Killer was made in June last year, the collaboration between Ma and Wei xiang was not expected, as the film itself had an air of shanzhai in its title and many people thought it was another shoddy comedy.Unexpectedly, a few days after the release of the film, the word of mouth continued to ferment, began to surpass the “Four Seas” this film, become the second box office ranking, to everyone’s surprise.Wei Xiang in the film promotion, admitted that he had never been a male number one, not to mention the Spring Festival male number one, frankly, the closer to the release of their more nervous.But he still believed in mahua, so nervous and excited.He very modestly said that he felt sincere is his greatest advantage, but people have understood that in addition to sincere, Wei Xiang’s advantage, but also lies in his persistence and a cavity of solitary brave struggle feelings.As for his life, he calmly said, MY fate is more fortunate than his.Perhaps every little person has the chance to realize their dreams, but this opportunity or need to travel to fight for their own.This article without authorization is strictly prohibited reprint offenders will investigate!