Tonight at 8 o ‘clock!Fireworks show lights up the night sky in Xiamen

2022-05-10 0 By

On the first night of the first lunar month, the night sky in Xiamen and Kinmen will once again be lit up with fireworks.The 2022 Cross-strait Spring Festival Fireworks show will be held at 8 PM tonight at Huangcuo Beach, Huandao Road, Siming District. The fireworks will last for 30 minutes.On January 29, 1987, Xiamen and Kinmen celebrated the Spring Festival together with fireworks for the first time, and this tradition continues to this day.In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of road traffic during the party, huandao South Road (yunding South Road to Huangcuozhong Road section) will be closed (including the side road) as the fireworks display control area from 18:00 on February 1, vehicles and pedestrians are prohibited to pass.Vehicles are not allowed to enter huandao South Road (from Asia Gulf Hotel to Genting South), Yunting South Road (from National Accounting Institute to Huandao South Road), and Huandao South Road (from Huangcuo Middle Road to Exhibition South 5 road). Vehicles are allowed to drive out along the road.The organizer of the event reminded that considering the epidemic prevention and control situation and the requirements of traffic control at the site, the general public and tourists are advised not to go to the site if it is not necessary, but to share the festival by watching TV or mobile phone live broadcast as far as possible.Citizens and tourists can enter the site only after proving negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours, having normal body temperature, and having no abnormality verified by “health code” and “Communication Big data Travel card”.Wear masks during the whole process, keep a social distance of more than one meter, follow the arrangement of on-site staff, and avoid gathering in groups.Source: Xiamen Daily