“There is a false semimen in the East Palace” : “I will forget you, and from now on I will enjoy the kingdom and descendants.”

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The work “East Palace there is a False half Fairy”, the author wu Baiwan, the first pei, the full text of 394,400 words.Rongzheng’s parents died when he was five years old. He was too young to take power, so his grandmother assumed the regency on his behalf. However, two years later, his grandmother became the empress herself.Rong Zheng is restricted everywhere, and even marriage is the means the empress intends to use to contain Him.Rong Zheng is not going to sit still, chose the family are very good people, intend to let reporters take photos of two people, with the current marriage.However, Ye Zhaoling stopped hu on the way and remembered to take photos of Ye Zhaoling and Rong Zheng, so Rong Zheng had to get married to Ye Zhaoling, who had no emotional foundation and no practical help, and then they got married. We will see if we can get divorced later.Ye Zhaoling’s appearance is an accident and inevitable. At the beginning, ye Zhaoling went to the palace to make an accident and then solve the accident. As an Internet celebrity, I can tell fortune at ordinary times, and the purpose of entering the palace is not simple…Rong Zheng stiffened his arms and did not dare to touch the man for fear that if he touched him, he would find that it was another romantic affair.Over the years, I have experienced so many great joys and sorrows that my heart has become too fragile to hear and see any parting.Recently, I often wonder how many times a person can bear despair in his life.”Ye Zhaoling, I am really angry with you this time.”Looking up at the high caisson, Rong Zheng seemed to smile gently: “Since you left without saying goodbye, I don’t want to look for you.””I’m going to forget you, fall in love with someone else, and have a family of grandchildren.” “I’m going to pretend I never met you.”It was late at night when they returned to the East Palace. They stood outside their bedroom doors, saying good night to each other as they had done so many other ordinary nights.Ye Zhaoling opened her door and turned to Rong Zheng and said, “Good night! See you tomorrow!” He stood at the door and smiled.Ye Zhaoling opened the box and saw a ring lying inside.What good life, life and death, mediocre, suffering from seven emotions and six desires.All she wants is the sun that never sets, and the land that never ends.- So many years of hard work, just to be able to leave the imperial city, leave shengdu.To survive so far, but is reluctant to this taste of freedom.It’s just…A man popped into his mind at an inopportune moment.The two most important Settings of this article are modern royalty and modern fantasy, so don’t feel strange at first, remember the Settings.Set but this article is a bit much, feeling take one or two set will look better, personal feeling, if you like this setting can also go to the ah ~ (figure source network has nothing to do with the article) “half demon and his evil summoning” : “the Lord really like you” decathlon x in cold weather, thank you for taking me to see your world