The toilet of small fairy, what practical good thing is worth buying?Recommended: These 7 pieces are too practical

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What’s in a fairy’s bathroom that makes a person’s eyes shine?Recently, a blogger posted a photo of her beautiful bathroom objects.Dear fairies, especially girls with long hair, it must be a troublesome thing to blow your hair every time, right?In fact, you can try the hair dryer bracket at this time!This kind of blower bracket uses suction cup type design, can absorb easily on the metope that is smooth in toilet, after installing, have the bracket that can offer to place blower.The most important thing is that this kind of suction cup design will not damage the wall, installation is very simple, installed on the wall, sit blowing hair every day, free hands, not to mention multi-convenience, personal feeling is still worth recommending!Two, disposable toilet brush disposable toilet brush, also is very worth recommending toilet small things, its advantages are mainly clean and hygienic, it has a handle card buckle, only need to gently pull it, you can quickly replace the brush head.This clip-type brush head is very convenient to use and cost is not high. Combined with the bottom bracket, the handle can be placed somewhere after each toilet brush.Clean effect is very good also, general this kind of closestool is brushed contain the thick paper that form a complete set to brush head, can clean the stubborn dirt of closestool inner wall, still very good.I wonder if you have ever bought a shampoo that is particularly difficult to use and does not foam?If you can get that shampoo, try this bubbly jar.To use, simply place the shampoo in the jar at the bottom and add a little water.▲ Cover the lid back and forth to cover the lid, back and forth after a few times, the original not how foaming shampoo, can also launch a thick foam, then use, the body will feel a lot more comfortable!Four, magnetic absorption paste if the toilet is relatively small, worried about all kinds of sundry can not be collected, you can try to use this magnetic absorption paste for storage, will stick at the bottom of the cabinet, one side of the need to be collected on the items, OK.Take a comb for example.Put the comb you use every day in this way at the bottom of the mirror cabinet. It is convenient for you to take it, but it also looks neat and clean. It will not be too messy.Five, comb hair cleaner this massage comb after using for a long time, there will always be a lot of hair in the gap, it is very inconvenient to clean up, how to do?Try using this hair to clean up tiny claws. It’s so compact that it’s easy to store, and when you use it, your front PAWS will remove tangled hairs from the gaps in your comb.▲ Clean up the gap of the comb even if there is more hair in the gap, use it gently, you can quickly clean up, the comb will look a lot cleaner, or quite recommended.6, metope folds dirty clothes basket behind the door of toilet, can affix a such metope fold type dirty clothes basket, when need not completely adhere to go up in metope, won’t take up too much space.And when using, it can be spread out, it receives some dirty clothes, socks and so on small things, or as a temporary collection of clothes when bathing basket, very suitable oh!Finally, we recommend you to try this toilet clip type hook, its use can be said to be flexible and diverse.A side is hooked up to be able to hang on the metope that receives board in toilet, glove of bath cap, cleanness, small receive basket of another side, very good, anyhow, recommend everybody to try.Above is today “small fairy” toilet good content recommended, do not know how does everybody feel?~ (pictures from the network, if there is infringement immediately delete)