The character modeling of The Di Gong Case of Tang Dynasty has aroused controversy, and the “history” in historical dramas should be cautious

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On Jan 27, the first character posters for the TV drama, which is currently in production, were released.Directed by Wen Zhang, the TV series is adapted from Dutch diplomat and amateur Sinologist Gorlope’s detective novel Da Tang Di Crimes. After the release of the poster of the character in the TV series, the poster of the character “Yu Su” caused a public outcry.”Tang Di Gong Case” tells the story of The Wu Zetian era Di Renjie crack all kinds of strange cases, from the structure of this play should be unit drama structure, the controversial role of Yu Su should be one of the characters in a unit.In the poster, Jade, played by a Korean actor with a hairstyle common in South Korean dramas and a horizontal hairpin, wears a chest-length skirt common in the Tang Dynasty, which netizens found hard to accept.In the original novel, affected by the translation and the author of historical cognition, jade of koguryo people have said, there are also said to the others, and posters in the jade, hairstyle is very typical of lee’s north Korean dish hair, the hair is about in mid Ming dynasty north China imitation “peony” and form the hairstyle, contrary to history.Many netizens believe that no matter in Goguryeo or Baekje, historical books and historians have recorded and studied the women’s hair accessories in this period, so the style is not only perfunctory, but also gives people a record.On Jan 29, the cast responded to the controversy, explaining the origin of Oksu and stating that they adhere to principles, uphold national confidence and resolutely reject historical nihilism.Internet users were unconvinced by the lack of a clear explanation as to why Ok Su used Lee’s Korean hair accessories and demanded that the cast make changes to the character’s content.It doesn’t matter whether Okso is from Goguryeo or Baekje. What matters is that the play is set explicitly in the Tang Dynasty, and the border regimes of The Tang dynasty, Goguryeo and Baekje, have little to do with today’s North and South Korea.The capital of Koguryo was in Jilin, and its historical sites were concentrated in the northeast. During its heyday, the territory of Koguryo once expanded to the present Pyongyang area.Koguryo was a regime of ethnic minorities in the northeast of China. Baekje was once suppressed by Koguryo, but the two regimes were gradually destroyed by the Tang Dynasty.Many netizens questioned whether it was too “careless” for the cast to set Goguryeo as Lee’s Chosun costume, given the controversy over confusing Chinese culture with Korean culture.Of the datang DE case-solving also play in the filming process will lead to such discussion, I am afraid, and recently frequent cultural appropriation of dispute, the former has the sleeves red edge of south Korean television dramas in fujian tulou, EA game companies in the United States after celebrating New Year pictures used in the Korean clothing, all are rooted to net friends angry,Such historical confusion also appears in Domestic dramas today.Judging from the posters of other cast members, this drama is not a well-studied drama in costume, and many costumes can only be said to be “studio style”, which is also a common old problem in Chinese costume dramas. When making the character modeling of Yusu, I was afraid that it was taken for granted that yusu was “Korean” in the original work.Then we used the upturned hair and cross-hairpins common in Korean costume dramas, but did not realize that this style was not born in the Tang Dynasty, and Koguryo and Baekje have nothing to do with the Lee dynasty favored in Korean costume dramas.Character modeling plays an important role in film and television plays, and it is a very important part of character image shaping, which has the significance of explaining the identity background of the character and shaping the character image.Since it is a TV series with a clear historical background, it is necessary to do history homework. It is a bit nitpicking to say that it is as rigorous as archaeology, but there should be no mistakes in the general direction, let alone cultural confusion.”Dee Renjie” series at home and abroad are very well-known, if there can be a more elegant fu Hua dao design, this is expected to become a cultural overseas army.While the series is still in production, the company said it will listen to suggestions and opinions from the audience and hopes to deliver satisfactory results once it is officially aired.A historical play with a clear historical background is not an empty historical play, and the frame of the real historical background cannot be “taken for granted”.The effect of cultural imperceptible influence is huge, and the consequences of cultural soft invasion are quite worthy of vigilance. The “history” in historical dramas should be treated with caution.Yangzi evening news | purple cattle journalists Shen Zhao proofreading faye wong