Drinks in the New Year’s Eve dinner

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Photo @ vision China | hedgehog commune, the author | kowalski b r. correction, edit | director nonyl tiger year day, hedgehog communes, do a little research.The survey asked only one question — what kind of drink did you drink at the dinner?Based on a sample of 100 young people aged 18-35, 38 drank fruit juice (including coconut water), 35 drank carbonated drinks, 8 drank peanut or almond dew, and 8 drank herbal or milk tea.Of particular note, 10 people were given sparkling water and 10 were given light alcohol.Further see the two main head categories: carbonated beverages and fruit juices.Coke is the most popular carbonated beverage, with 25 people choosing it, accounting for 71% of the category, and is the single beverage with the largest number of people drinking it.The most popular fruit juices are coconut water and fruit orange, accounting for 58% and 42% respectively.Drinks are the most common and commonplace things in daily life, but when they are put on the table last night, they carry a different meaning.What this article wants to do is to tell the story of the drinks that are unique to the New Year’s Eve dinner — why they are on the table, and what lies behind them.There are some drinks that are not widely known in the daily life, but their presence in the Spring Festival is unusually high — Lulu Apricot Rinlu, six walnuts, Yinlu peanut milk, Huiyuan juice…It’s no surprise that some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Coca-Cola and Minute Maid Orange, have seized the beverage market during the Spring Festival season, benefiting from their huge brand influence and strong channel power.But for domestic beverage brands, it may not be easy to become the favorite on the New Year’s Eve dinner table.To successfully “occupy the Spring Festival”, there are no more than two ways – “big money” and “mooching traffic”.In case you haven’t noticed, the drink appearing in the audience of the 2022 Year of the Tiger Gala is a new face — Wahaha’s very cola.On the one hand, very Cola’s sponsorship of the Spring Festival Gala has improved product awareness, on the other hand, it has injected some Spring Festival attributes into Very Cola.But do you remember?The previous beverage to appear at this location was Huiyuan juice.On January 18, 2021, Huiyuan Group officially delisted from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after falling into a slump after the merger and acquisition of Coca-Cola.According to a survey conducted by Hedgehog Commune, only eight young people drank Huiwon at New Year’s Eve dinner this year, accounting for only one half of fruit orange and one third of coconut water.But at the beginning of the new century, huiyuan juice limelight in the Spring Festival but no two, a “Huiyuan, is called the New Year” advertising slogan deeply rooted in the people.In 2007, Huiyuan raised HK $2.4 billion, the largest IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that year.Huiyuan’s rise began in 1997.That year, Zhu Xinli, huiyuan’s founder, paid 70 million yuan for a five-second spot after the news broadcast with the slogan “Drink Huiyuan juice, take the road to health.”After all, the 70 million yuan is more than Huiyuan’s annual sales.The huge advertising cost was not wasted, Huiyuan successfully established the Chinese people’s mind of “drinking juice healthy”, and made Huiyuan become a national juice brand, the market share of juice ranking the first year.Later, the slogan changed into “Having huiyuan is called Celebrating the New Year”.At the same time, Huiyuan has become a frequent sponsor of CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, making it “necessary” and “justified” for Huiyuan juice to appear on the dinner table.”Huiyuan” is originally a combination of the two initials of “bringing together talents from all over the world, source of wealth from all over the world”. The name contains a good color head, but Huiyuan Group did not make a big fuss on the name.In fact, try all their skills to find their association with the Spring Festival, is the usual operation of major beverage brands – Wong Lo Kat, a “ji” word derived from the “ji culture”, “auspicious year, drink Wong Lo Kat” advertising language saturation;Lulu apricot Benevolence dew, a “apricot” word and “happiness” take edge, “round round drink Lulu, loved ones send Lulu”, weekdays unknown apricot Benevolence dew became during the Spring Festival since drink and gift “explosion” — for many years, Lulu apricot benevolence dew in the first quarter of sales is always the most;Six walnut, first with raw materials to meet people’s imagination of “the New Year more intelligent”, and then with the name of the traditional “six six dashun” cognition of the “shun culture”, with the strategy of “rural encircling the city” forcibly pry open the village market during the Spring Festival;Master Kong, the whole family “kang”, “kang” prosperous, happy “kang” ning, the meaning is simple and direct, the New Year, who would not want to picture a healthy kang?Simply through advertising to strengthen the brand and the Spring Festival association, has been a traditional way of playing.Ten years into the era of mobile Internet, the Spring Festival marketing ideas of these brands have slowly changed.On the eve of the Year of the Ox and the Year of the Tiger, Wang Lao-ji launched the totem pot of the surname for two consecutive years, which is consistent with the culture of “reunion and reunion of a family” during the Spring Festival.Wong lao-ji’s idea of customization sparked a frenzy on the Internet, even on Weibo.While it’s not unusual to find custom Chinese New Year drinks on cans and bottles, six Walnuts have also launched a New Year of the Tiger can.Interaction is also a way for domestic drinks to celebrate the Spring Festival.In January 2022, Tingyi launched the AR red envelope scanning activity of “Jia Kang plus New Year flavor”.Users can enter the corresponding page through the wechat mini program and scan the Chinese character “Kang” to have a chance to draw wechat red envelopes worth 0.3 to 2022 yuan.There are various consumption scenarios during the Spring Festival. Whether for personal use or as a gift, consumers are enthusiastic about shopping and have strong consumption power. Therefore, the Spring Festival has become one of the most unmissable sales nodes of the year for brands.They use the festival to enrich their brands, and as a result, these “Spring Festival” drinks have become an integral part of the festival.Although Coca-Cola, Minute Maid and other international brands have strong brand power and channel power, their success in the Spring Festival is by no means a “simple win”.In January 2022, Coca-Cola released a New Year’s advertisement for the Year of Ren Yinhu.This is an animated micro film with the story of the reunion of the tiger family as the background. It tells the story of the father and son of the tiger who re-found the emotional connection between each other with Coca-Cola as the bond, gradually overcame the generational differences and finally got together as a family.Coca-Cola has a tradition of advertising New Year’s eve and has been doing so for 23 years.Coca-Cola launched its first official New Year’s advertising campaign in 1999.It is set in a small village in Heilongjiang province, as seen through the eyes of two Chinese children, who insert a red windmill into a Coca-Cola bottle.Coca-Cola in 1999 New Year AD the windmill article | figure source network as a matter of fact, Coca-Cola began to look at Chinese culture including the Spring Festival culture into the brand, is a more distant.In the early 1990s, Coca-Cola launched an AD campaign.The AD is one minute long,Steps and the songs sung by kid’s Anne’s space – “let float in the sky/let you miss me back / / that light in the heart of the sun is almost the end of the world stand/kind picture/familiar feeling, because this land let me never have the strength/share more laugh more happy/good time/reunion moment/stop feeling” “terminal”, “fly” and “reunion” is a song of keywords.Appropriately, the AD tells the story of going home for the Spring Festival — from waiting at the station, to hugging family members, to setting off firecrackers, writing “fu” (福), making dumplings and having a family reunion dinner.Coca-Cola advertising played in the 90 s in China | figure source “Coca-Cola Olympic channel” bi li bi li account further review of Coca-Cola in the 80 s in Japan and South Korea with a series of advertisements, although the three advertisements in editing procedure and music singing form completely consistent, but the picture,Almost all the scenes in the Japanese version are sports, leisure and laughter of young men and women, while the Korean version is the same and also reflects the vitality of young people as the core.In the 80 s, Coca-Cola (left) in Japan and South Korea (right) advertising | figure by comparing source network it is not hard to see, coke’s Chinese version of the advertisement more prominent “family culture” in China.This was demonstrated by Coca-Cola’s first commercial in China, which featured characters such as a boy who bought coke and fed it to his mother, and a mother who looked at her newly married daughter. The background song, also sung by Tong, featured “friendship”, “cordial care”, “sincere treatment” and “warmth”.Coca-Cola in the Chinese mainland’s first edition advertising | figure source “the museum of Chinese advertising” bi li bi li account as the first to return to China after reform and opening up the international brand, Coca-Cola will brand concept in the blood of the anchor is scheduled to be integrated into the Chinese those things – home, reunion, sincere…This gave Coca-Cola an emotional basis for entering the traditional Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner.As well as the emotional connection, it’s hard to ignore that drinking Coca-Cola had a very different symbolism 30 years ago than it does today.In the 1980s, the price of Coca Cola was 45 cents, while most of the domestic drinks such as Arctic Ocean and Jianlibao were only 10 or 20 cents. Drinking Coca Cola represented a high quality and fashionable life.In that era of material poverty, Coca Cola carries people’s yearning for a better life.Gao Baoye is a native of Hebei Zhuolu County, she was born in the year of reform and opening up.In her memory, the “drink” of the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner in her childhood was brown sugar water.Her mother took a spoonful of brown sugar out of the jar, poured it in boiling water, and gave her and her sister and brother a bowl each.Although not as rich as today’s drinks, but also sweet warm.There is no coke in the village shop, only Jianlibao.It was not until 1997 that Gao Baoye tasted Coca-Cola for the first time when she went to Beijing.In 1998, she got married in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and Coca-Cola became a must-have item on the New Year’s Eve dinner table.”Coke seems like the cheapest drink on the New Year’s Eve dinner table now, but that was never the case when we were kids.Looking back, it feels like a long time ago.”Kao Pao ye said.In addition to the traditional and common “Spring Festival” drinks, we also found through the questionnaire that many young people have chosen new brands and categories for their New Year’s Eve dinners — Yuanqi Forest Sparkling water, RIO Cocktail, coconut water…A total of 24 people, or a quarter of the total sample size, filled out the questionnaire for these new categories.It’s proof enough that new drinks are starting to compete with traditional ones.In the year of the Ox, 2021, Yuanqi Forest will meet the “Spring Festival” for the first time.In the Spring Festival beverage wars, Genqi Forest has two major drawbacks: first, small bottles are not suitable for sharing at parties;Second, in consumers’ perception, sparkling water is more suitable for summer than winter.In order to break through these two shackles, yuanqi forest launched the New Year “blessing bottle”, namely the bottle body printed with “blessing” two words 1.25L bottle.The impression that it is not suitable for the Spring Festival is broken by the new packaging, and yuanqi Forest has become a new choice on people’s New Year’s Eve dinner table.In 2022, Yuanqi Forest and Quanjude jointly launched a gift box, claiming to “finish the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner in one hour”.1.25 L from forest during the lunar New Year posters | figure source taobao, 24, a song from hunan, the year of the ox lunar New Year, her mother took a fancy to big bottles of forest in the studio to make activities, and use it as a beverage alternative when the Spring Festival.”My mother has tasted Wonki Forest before. She knows what it tastes like.At the beginning, more than 20 people in my family gathered together to have dinner on New Year’s Eve.Song yi recalled.Not to be outdone, RIO Cocktails is trying to get a piece of the action with its Spring Festival gift box.RIO cocktail lunar New Year gift box | new beverage product source networks in rich product selection during the period of the Spring Festival at the same time, also in reshaping people’s consumption concept.Gao baoye said she eschewed Coke and fruit orange for the less sweet Nongfu Spring tea PI and yogurt this year.No matter how “capricious” and “presumptuous” people are during the Spring Festival, with the rise of sugar-free, healthy, low-fat and other consumption concepts, the choice of drinks on the dinner table is subtly changing.And at such a special moment, any slight change in the drinks of the lunar New Year’s Eve dinner can reflect some more profound connotations.From sharing a bowl of brown sugar water with my brother and sister to the freedom to choose what they like to drink, this implies both the bright line of economic development and the dark line of the evolution of values — from single and isolated to diverse and inclusive.”Drink whatever you want”, as we often hear during Spring Festival, seems to be a light-hearted saying, but in essence it is a luxury. First, there must be a sufficient selection of products.Second, it has to have the financial ability to match it;Finally, it is necessary to truly understand the diversity of people’s preferences, to be willing to grant others the right to choose, and to regard other people’s satisfaction as one’s own.Generation Z may have a hard time imagining the era of high material scarcity 30 or 40 years ago, or the vision of human material civilization 30 or 40 years from now — what tasty and healthy drinks will be created by then?In what form will humans reunite?Zhu Xinli, founder of Huiyuan Group, once said: “In my eyes, the distance should be a mountain of flowers and fruits, a place of birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers;In my heart, the distance should be a peach garden, where there is fresh air and colorful fruits, people are not so tired, and not always so busy.Joy, simplicity, happiness, all rippling in everyone’s face.”Some are bubbling, some are being heated in the microwave, some have just been taken out of the refrigerator and hit the warm steam on the table.While the family is around the hot meal, kan kan day.There are no worries, no hard work, just blessings and laughter.