Can Naruto really feel Sasuke’s pain?

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Naruto is like Jon from Game of Thrones, who knows nothing but passion.Naruto is naruto’s first converted opponent, but does naruto really understand naruto’s heart?Personally, I don’t think so. Ninji was relieved because he was defeated by Naruto.A genius by a crane tail of the open defeat, ningji at this time even if there is the ability to fight again, but also no faith to stand up.He told Naruto so many things about the family separation, and Naruto only used his own suffering to make others feel that he was not the worst, and rarely felt empathy.Later don’t cut, long gate these opponents are actually the same, fighting in the process of many mouth dun, finally defeated.It’s not really persuasion.Sasuke is naruto’s mouth to use the most object, a few words indeed said to Sasuke’s heart, but far from enough to make him change his life goal.Every time the argument got out of hand, the two brothers settled it by fighting.In the end, naruto and Sasuke fought to a draw, but in terms of mentality, Sasuke had nothing to lose, naruto had a lot to gain, so it looks like Naruto won.But does Naruto really understand Sasuke?Naruto’s big wedding party invites four parties. Sasuke travels around the world with one arm. Naruto finds his life and Sasuke is still looking for it.Six views original content, the whole platform is prohibited to publish reprint.