After his parents died of suicide, the second generation of South Korean stars lost 84 catties and signed a contract with lee Yuefi’s company to prepare for his debut

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Choi Joon-hee, the daughter of the late Korean star Choi Jin-sil, recently posted her latest photos on her social media account, showing her in a cute bun, blonde blonde and rose glass lip.Compared with the depressed period of his life when his weight rose rapidly due to lupus erythematosus, cui Junxi’s facial features were delicate and like a porcelain doll after his successful weight loss. He had a pretty figure after losing 84 catties, and his temperament was as good as that of The popular Love bean of Korean Entertainment.Choi joon-hee is said to have plans to enter the entertainment industry. She has signed a contract with Lee’s agency, YBLOOM, and may make her debut as an actress in the future.At the age of 19, with a clear life plan, Choi jun-hee’s life seems to be developing in a better direction, but it still hurts to mention her past experience.In only five years old, and he was supposed to stay in their parents arms play the woman’s age, Cui Junxi has lost his three closest relative, the discriminative treatment adopted by her grandmother and then by the preference for sons, even developed lupus erythematosus (sle) unfortunately, this kind of experience to the ordinary people, I’m afraid I had collapsed, but Cui Junxi after to dark moments in life, we still can keep optimistic attitude,It’s not easy.Cui Junxi before the age of 19 life shouldn’t be so painful, her mother choi is 2 blue dragon film festival best actress and the tsing lung popular star award went to 9 Han Yu goddess of the father is cho sung-min is a famous baseball player, as a celebriots, living in such a family, Cui Junxi should enjoy excellent material life, parents’ hands love in my heart,But in 2008, when she was just five years old, she suffered a major change, and since then, her life has changed forever.Choi s mother, Choi Jin-sil, married cho Sung-min, a professional baseball player, in 2000.After getting married, Choi gave up her love of acting to raise a family and announced her retirement to the public without hesitation. However, the love between her and her husband, which was regarded as a story by the people, lasted only two years.In December 2002, Cho seong-min unilaterally announced his divorce from Choi Jin-sil, which shocked the entertainment industry.Because divorce too suddenly and without warning, Han Yu circle debated the reason for the 2 human fault, until she was beaten black and blue after the photos were taken to the hospital, the public to understand that the original after marriage she is not happy, she suffered domestic violence more than once, and even during pregnancy to 8 months, still be inhuman cho sung-min kicks and blows.Feelings broken, Cui Real and Zhao Chengmin also made a court, in order to fight for the child’s custody, Cui real helpless to pay her ex-husband 180 million won, so as not to him in the future to children as an excuse to deliberately trouble.After dealing with the emotional disputes between her ex-husband, Cui Zhen chose to return to the show business, although she left the screen for a long time, but there are still many loyal fans willing to support her.Cui Finally did not live up to the expectations of fans, starring in the “War of the Roses” “The Last Gossip of my Life” has been praised by the public, and the two dramas have also won the Best acting Award of Baixiang Art Award and Qinglong Popular Star Award.Pick up the cause of Cui really found the original confidence, although as a single mother is still very difficult, can be good in life gradually returned to the right track, until 2008, fate and she played a joke, and this time, Cui really failed to stand over.In September 2008, An Zaihwan, a friend of Cui Zhenshi, committed suicide by burning charcoal in his car. When the media reported on this event, they focused on Cui Zhenshi, believing that An Zaihwan committed suicide because Cui Zhenshi had been forced to pay debts by friends, but there was no way out. Under the emotional collapse, An Zaihwan went to the extreme.Dash out, very not easy to regain its footing in the show business choi was on the cusp of public opinion, in the “struggle”, despite her repeated explanations, but few people want to believe her, eventually because of the pressure of public opinion, choi at home in the bathroom commit suicide by hanging suicide, that year, she was only 39 years old, and she was only 5 years old daughter Cui Junxi,His oldest son was only seven.Is young for his mother is very poor, and after this 2 years and 5 years, Cui Junxi uncle and father committed suicide, one after another five years, however, Cui Junxi lost three relatives, this caused huge blow to its young and small mind, and foster in grandmother home, Cui Junxi again because grandma “son preference” and often quarrel with them.In 2017, Choi even issued a “death plea,” accusing her grandmother of favoring her older brother but often abusing her.Choi s death plea drew attention from the public and the police began to investigate. The police confirmed that Choi s grandmother had not abused her son, despite her frequent quarrels with choi.Perhaps it is because the lack of native family of care and love, would let Cui Junxi has so radical speech, especially on the blood is the most close to my grandmother can’t give understanding and support, knot unsolved Cui Junxi depression and even lupus erythematosus (sle), and in order to control his condition deteriorated, she could only have been with hormone drugs,His weight ballooned to 192 pounds.Fortunately, Choi joon-hee had a brother by her side, and she followed the doctor’s advice throughout her illness. Her recovery was painful, but eventually she survived.Cui Junxi adult now, and the mind is no longer as youth as extreme, she become more mature after setbacks, for their future have a clear plan, her mother and brother are going to “child bearing industry” to enter the entertainment circle, the elder brother Cui Huanxi has already made his debut as a singer and released the single, while Cui Junxi after weight 84 jins, sign the brokerage firm using fe lee,I believe she will be able to make her official debut as an artist soon.