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Brutish problemsas old disparaging word for some backward tribes in the southwest.○ Yan Fu said in his book On Saving the Nation, common knowledge among the three is better than common knowledge.The problem is the problem of the problem.The long ape.○ Literature Selection · Zuo Si < Wu Du Fu > : 狖 gliders become web-based problems. teng 趠○[Liu Kui] Note: Like the apes 狖, there are different kinds of web services like web-based web services, like web-based web services like web-based web services.○ “The Book of the Northern Qi · Wei Received biography” : “In [Kunlun] boat to get strange goods like mattress table, jade yingchi and dozens of others.”The old name of the minority nationality in southwest China [Yi].○[Lu Xun] Just A Collection · Miscellaneous Feelings of Gusi: The 13th issue of Yusi was sent to me about six weeks after its publication.When I opened it, I found the Book of Genesis and Untitled.