List of Chinese easily wrong words in the middle school entrance examination

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1. Being hungry and cold 2.It is the grass that has fallen in ancient times. It is the grass that has fallen in ancient times. It is the grass that has fallen in ancient times.Peel thin paper. Go in parallel without beil ěi10Run to Ben 12. Burst beng13. Cover up bi 14.B 17. On the verge of B īn 18.Criticize biān19. Hold your breath bǐng 20.C āo 2. noisy c. irregular C ā ncī4.Difference CH ā7. Frustration CUo 8. Dementia CH ī 9.At that moment cha10 sent chā I 11. flatter chǎn 12. repent chan13.Waste cutuo 14.You will have to pay compensation by chance.We learn from past mistakes to avoid future ones.Ch ī 24. Flagellation chī25.Ch ī 27. Extravagant chī 29. Chimney C ōng 30.Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hotLonging chōng35. Admiring chong 36. Melancholy chouchang37.Shame chouchu 39. Flaw C ī 40.Rt. chuan42. Trauma chuāng 43.Sorrow 44. SOB 45. Drop out of school chuoD1.D ǎ I 3. catch a rat dǎ I 4. arrest dai 5.Be so full of effort dān be so full of effort dānWhen (this) year dangdao pay tribute to be on guard against dīCreate di 14. Exchange dui 15. Defile dian16. Revise ding 17.Threatening donghe 18. Pacing duoE1.Fei 3. Atmosphere F ēn4. Superficiality F ū 5.Swim along with the water 6.swim along with the water 6.swimThe Chinese version of Chinese ǎng is very bold, and the Chinese version of Chinese ǎng is very bold.J ǐng 5. Supply and sell gōng6.9. The supply is not enough.The confession was not good enough.Shang Dynasty (shang Dynasty) is the magnificent guī 17.Hangman GUI 18. Convert Gu īH1. Corpse hai 2.Birds of a feather he 6. upper jaw he7.Cheers 8.load 9.heng 10.Make a fortune break away without understanding what you are eating.Huashan hua16. Confused Hunxiao 17. Terminally ill Hu āng18.Keep silent and avoid medical treatment.Dirty hui 22. Fish in troubled water hunJ1. Tea table jī 2.F ī4. F ī 5. F ī 6.Arrest warrant = arrest warrant = arrest warrant = arrest warrantJealousy 13. Thorny ji 14. Barren ji15.And give jǐy ǐ on the back of the river.Joust juejiang 22.Meaningful 24. Killing jiān25. Killing jiān 26Silence jiān 27. Gradual staining jiān28. Eyelid jiǎn 29. Intermittent jian 30.Juan Xiu jun31. Pay jiǎo 32. Proofread jiao 33.Rampant jue 35: Can’t get up after a fall38. Can’t help themselves J īn 39.< p style = "text-indent: 21px; text-indent: 21px;Acupuncture is the first step in Chinese studies.Let bygones be bygones.To follow the rules and follow the rules is not as early as early as early as early as early.A common enemy kai 2. Neither humble nor arrogant kang3Abide by the rule of kehan 5.Spy kuī 8. Puppet Ku ǐL1. L āta 2.Lao Lao 6. Lao Lao 6.Blackmail le 8. Tighten lē I 9. Beat the drum lei10. Plunder lue 11.Fruits are abundant with crimes, challenge is abundant with evil lie.LiangM1 Pay my bills at liangM1.Wipe the table mā 2. the haze 3.Let's ask ourselves how we feel about childbirth. M ǐ NGD ǐng 9Ridiculous miu10. Mou 11. Quiet mi 12.Plastering a wall Suddenly look back.2. Shy nǎn 3. Discouraged něi4.Familiarity mud niu niu abuse nueP1.Paoluo 3. broad and fat 4. totter 5.At the end of the day, you can't see the baby. At the end of the day, you can't see the baby.P ǐ ng 10. Crawl 11.14. Plagiarism of PI āo 16P ūQ1. It's raining cats and dogs.Strange qīqiāo 3. pray qi4.engine qing 5. repair qi 6.Relax qi7. Checkpoint qi 8.Piety qianren 12. CowardiceQi ǎng15. Forcing qiǎng 16. Attaching Qi ǎng17.1. How can we learn English? 2. How can we learn English?Still reng 4. long rǒngS1. Clogged se 2. brake shā3.I am in the first phase of my study. I am in the first phase of my study. I am in the first phase of my study.Chan Shan 8. Smile shan 9. Support Shan 10.Encourage sǒngyǒng to retreat from the situation.Hunt shoufu whitewash shualobby shui 18.SuiT1. Rushing tuān 2.I don't know how to be shameless.If you are in full swing, you will exalt yourself.2. Go against a common law wěi3.I hate it very much. Knee xī 2.Xi ā nwei 3. Fiber 4.Xian6. Portrait Xiao 7. Confetti Xie 8.Xiu xiu xiu xiu xiu Xiu Xiu xiu xiuXuan xueY1. Feast 2.The riverside is dying. Y ǎn 5. fake yan6.SOB ye flicker ye 9 smile ye 10 descendants yi 11 Summer Palace yi13Graduating school year yīng 15.Postman you18. Black yǒu 19. Participate in Yu 20.Allow yǔn 22. Brew yunniangZ1.Carrying zai 2. Carrying zǎ I 3. Singing and dancing zai4.Zang ā NGP ǐ9.Zhan zhan 10. Zhan zhan 12. Zhan Zhan 13.Zhao16. Zhao16. Zhao 14.Get rid of zheng18 fat zhī 19 quality.Eat to the point.Land zhuo