Hu Jiangshui: “Desperately Three Lang” on the tip of a knife

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Hu Jiangshui went to the campus to carry out anti-drug education.(File photo) He fought drug dealers to the death.He spared no effort to build a solid defense of anti-drug education.Back to the road do not forget the beginning, only wish the world non-toxic.His name is Hu Jiangshui, zhejiang Shaoxing City public Security Bureau Shangyu branch anti-drug brigade deputy captain.Walking on the tip of the knife in August 2016, in Shangyu entrenched for a long time drug dealers zeng into the line of sight of shangyu police, Hu Jiangshui volunteered to lead the arrest.Arrived at the scene, arrested police through the window found drug traffickers ceng is holding a syringe in the groin injection, scattered near a few pieces of blood-colored napkins.After a quick division of labor, Hu Jiangshui ordered action, he rushed to the front, suddenly kicked the door open.”I have AIDS, I have tuberculosis, come here!Come here!”See suddenly broke into the police, Zeng Mou holding a syringe kept Shouting that teammates are needle injury, so as to prevent the struggle Hu Jiangshui regardless of their safety, in the absence of any protective equipment, fast forward armed with batons, right hand hold Zeng Mou holding needles hover, almost ran out of the whole body strength, with comrades will eventually Zeng Mou firmly under control.”When I think about it now, I still feel scared.I was asked what WAS going through my mind at the time, and to be honest, there was no room for thinking, no room for action, and once the drug dealers recovered, the situation was very difficult to control.”In this battle, Hu Jiangshui led the team to seize 64 grams of methamphetamine, 96 grams of heroin, 63 magu drugs, and followed the lead and captured 23 drug-related personnel.And this kind of battle, in this “desperately three lang” from the police career, one after another, each is his life and death with drug dealers.”I can take care of mom. Everything is fine at home. You can rest assured.”In October 2014, “100 cities anti-drug fight” at the beginning of the start, a drug trafficking case fell to Hu Jiangshui’s shoulder, let him worry is that the battle before the mother-in-law was found to be suffering from colon cancer in the hospital, the second child in labor lover with a 4-year-old daughter to carry the burden of the home.The number of drug trafficking in this case is large and involves a large number of people. In order to successfully detect this case, Hu Jiangshui became the person who “does not go home”, and he put all his energy into handling the case.Everything comes to him who waits, four months, and eventually headed by Xie Mou drug gangs are successfully destroyed and colleagues at the heart is full of joy, but Hu Jiangshui was in deep sorrow, it turns out that this period because of illness grew worse, his mother-in-law passed away, in order to perform drug mission, failed to fully take care of her sick mother-in-law and his pregnant wife,Become the eternal pain in the heart of hu River water.”There will always be debts, but the support of my family allows me to focus on what I do, and that’s what keeps me going.”In the past 12 years, Hu jiangshui, with his wisdom and courage, led his comrades to solve 10 drug target cases of the Ministry of Public Security and 23 drug target cases of the provincial Public Security Department. He arrested more than 3,600 drug-related suspects and seized more than 30 kilograms of various drugs, becoming the “drug killer”.As an anti-drug police officer, it is undoubtedly a glorious moment of excitement to solve a crime.But over the years, hu jiangshui has not solved a major drug case by himself, but tried his best to curb drug crimes from the source and avoid the tragic occurrence of family deaths.One day a few years ago, Grandma Li reported to the police that her 15-year-old nephew, Xiao Zhao, had threatened his mother with a knife because he was taking drugs and asked his family for money. She asked the public security authorities to save Xiao Zhao.Hu Jiangshui detailed understanding of the situation, first of all from cut off the source of drugs, the two suspects arrested overnight to lure Zhao drug and drug trafficking, and learned that Zhao has given up school because of drug abuse, many times to talk with Zhao, and communicate with zhao family and school, let Zhao back to school.In order to understand the status of drug addiction at any time, Hu Jiangshui with zhao family and zhao each other left contact information, usually free he took the initiative to contact and communicate with zhao and his family, about zhao meet talk.A few years down, hu River water gradually became a small zhao family “relatives”, small Zhao also finally successfully cast off the control of the poison, onto the road of healthy life.For more than 10 years, Hu Jiangshui insisted on using his spare time to carry out more than 500 anti-drug propaganda and education lectures in schools and communities, and taught more people to stay away from drugs with real cases. Shangyu District has not had cases of minors taking drugs for eight consecutive years.Author: Xie Jialuo dry day