Five heart service | plugging leakage and increasing income, we will never stop

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The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China. Freeways are free for small passenger cars during major holidays, which is a policy benefiting the people in China.During the holidays, a eight white car to use small passenger dedicated channel exit of toll station, the guards on duty quickly to intercept the vehicles and the explanation, suggests that during the period of free only on the following seven and seven small passenger car for free, the driver said, do not know much about policy after guards, the interpretation of the free policy driver agreed to pay a toll for 16 yuan.In order to ensure that “should not leak, should be exempt from levy” of the charge policy implementation in place, Qingquan toll station attaches great importance to doing a good job in the holiday to protect chang, civilized service at the same time, but also continue to plug the leak to increase revenue, to ensure that the tolls particles warehouse.Contribution | Wang Lijuan (Qingquan Toll Station) Editor | Han Na review | Fu Jinghua