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One life two luck three feng shui four accumulation Yin de five fame, want to change the taste of the old iron might as well see!Immortal immortal player: Watch chess (has finished this) mortal chapter: in order to seek immortality, the world!I, Zhong Shan, want to establish the supreme Heaven, collect the world’s air, wash away their own karma, so as to meet and resist the power of heaven, create the world, and live forever.One life two luck three feng shui four accumulation Yin de five fame!To live forever.Practice fame, the establishment of the world to collect air transport!Those who cultivate Yin Virtue create holy land and accumulate unlimited merit!Feng shui practitioners, but also to communicate between Yin and Yang, by the potential of heaven and earth!Repairman, ……………!The Monk, ………………!– — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — fairy story: ask the world, who can survive forever ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!Each character of flesh and blood, the scene grand atmosphere, plot twists and turns everywhere is the author buried pits, real laugh also tears, when you see the end you will find all the pits the author has filled up.The background of the characters overlaps with the history of the earth, which is also a hole left by the author.I still remember the old teacher to show the spirit of the ghost valley, heaven, Earth and ghosts five times fengshui teacher, Shenqi before the debate, the Emperor dayu, mud Bodhisattva this for the wheel hall, I am the wheel king, Kong Xuan food off the huangquan road, xuan Yuan world no bear, the ancient first person ancient avatar, holy position, hongjun and the sky and the world of gambling and so on.In the later, when you know what day is, and what hung-chun bet is later, you will feel the sublimation, if it doesn’t matter, win or lose, physical death is not unacceptable, tao before in small thousand desperate fight of the world, in the boundless universe of intrigue and journey seems to be meaningful, and seemed to have no meaning, be like to die, hung-chun amida Buddha, when he diedFuxi, the ancient king of The River, said when he died, “May all the people in the world be like dragons and live forever.”This time really regrets the author this plot to write too fierce.