“Tiger” Spring Festival holiday pucheng railway police is like this

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The Spring Festival, for our Chinese nation, is the most important traditional festival of the year, is also an important day for family reunion.As the saying goes: the masses celebrate the festival, the police “pass”, for the majority of the people’s police, the Spring Festival is the most busy moment in their year, in order to the masses of the people can have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.From January 31 to February 6, 2022, the police of Pucheng Station, Yan ‘an Railway Public Security Office, gave up their holiday rest and still stuck to their posts of Spring Festival security work. They gave up their homes and cared for everyone to make their own contribution to the safety and smooth operation of the railway under their administration and the safe return of passengers.With the end of the Spring Festival holiday in the Year of the Tiger, the Pucheng Railway police spent a different kind of Spring Festival holiday.January 31, 2021 is the last day of the end of the year, which means to rid the old and usher in the new.At 9 o ‘clock in the morning, the passenger train returning from Xi ‘an to Pucheng slowly approached the platform direction. Because it was the last bus before the New Year, the number of passengers returning to Pucheng increased dramatically. After the train stopped at the platform, the police early guarded the door of the train, waiting to escort the passengers to take orderly, to ensure that there would be no crowded stampede.After all the passengers get off the bus, the police should cooperate with the local epidemic prevention departments at the exit to maintain the order on the spot and do a good job in epidemic prevention inspection of passengers getting off the bus and leaving the station.In the afternoon, after finishing other work, the police began to post New Year couplets in front of the police station, adding a lot of atmosphere to the Spring Festival.In the evening, the police gathered together, ate a complete “reunion dinner”, a cup of drink became their New Year’s “wine”, in the gap between the meal, some police and their parents, wife, children and other relatives through mobile phone video chat, with the local accent of missing their loved ones.February 6, pucheng ushered in the “Year of the Tiger” the first snowfall, making the railway along a piece of snow, and police patrol line figure perfect combination, forming a beautiful “snow police”.Early in the morning, the policemen put on thick winter duty uniforms, braved the cold and snow to carry out safety inspections on more than 160 kilometers of railway lines under their jurisdiction, and timely checked safety risks of protective nets, driving equipment and crossings.During the period, a total of 6 kinds of problems were found, and the responsible units were urged to rectify on the spot, to eliminate safety problems, ensure the safety of railway lines and ensure the safe travel of passengers.Supervision and inspection, do the guardian of the safety of the workers combined with the majority of workers during the holiday off, on duty personnel thought easy to produce paralytic lax reality, to do a good job during the holiday fire prevention, anti-theft, anti-cheat work, reduce and eliminate the occurrence of fire accidents and cases.Internal safety inspection group and the publicity of police task force, internal units of jurisdiction to carry out security checks, focusing on personnel intensive place, in the key parts of driving, the station canteen, staff apartments and other places and parts inspection, screening of various kinds of potential safety hazard of five, four corrected on the spot, rectification within a time limit of 1, to ensure the security and stability of the internal unit.At the same time, in order to protect the workers “money bag”, reduce the occurrence of telecom network fraud cases, legal propaganda working group to the area of more than 150 workers to carry out prevention of telecom fraud propaganda work, guidance to help workers install national anti-fraud APP software, effectively block fraud information, greatly reducing the possibility of workers cheated.In the face of the Spring Festival transport, the East Olympic Games security lasts for a long time, the task is heavy, the ideological pressure is big, the police are prone to fatigue and weariness, in order to ensure the completion of the security tasks, to ensure that the team is stable.During the Spring Festival, are carried out within the discipline attitude rectification work, organized police carry out special study, warning education, heart-to-heart talk and sign the letter of commitment, especially in the Ministry of Public Security of the new “six sets”, carried on the thorough preach, education all civilian police to strict self-discipline, do JingJi p gauge.During this period, we carried out a special study, a warning education, a lecture, a heart-to-heart talk with 8 people and signed 8 letters of commitment.(Correspondent: Li Yuqing)