The newly imported asymptomatic infected persons from other provinces in Jiangxi are from Hangzhou to Jiangxi, which has implemented closed-loop management

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The latest news!From 0 to 24:00 on January 26, 2022, an asymptomatic infected person from a confirmed case in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (in Shangrao city) was newly imported from Jiangxi Province.Huang a, male, working in an enterprise, hangzhou city, zhejiang province, on January 25, night, together with his wife and children and guild line of five people with xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, take a car from the drive home before the Spring Festival (otherwise a car home together 5 people), 26 January 4 when 40 points from driving in shanghai-kunming highway passing through shangrao, yiyang county zhejiang province circular epidemic prevention and control command,Inform him that he is a close contact of a confirmed case in Hangzhou, immediately contact Huang and ask him to get off the nearby expressway, and then transfer the case to the centralized isolation point guided by a private car at the exit of the expressway.After two rounds of nucleic acid tests, Huang was found to be positive. Based on the epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, laboratory tests and imaging findings, she was diagnosed as an asymptomatic infected person, an imported case from other provinces. The nucleic acid test results of the other four passengers in the car were negative.At present, Huang has been transferred to the nearest designated hospital in Shangrao city for treatment, with normal temperature and no abnormal respiratory symptoms. The provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters has sent two batches of 6 provincial experts to the scene to guide the flow investigation, personnel control, environmental elimination and medical treatment in the afternoon and evening of January 26.At the same time, according to the trajectory of Huang’s activities in Jiangxi Province, the relevant personnel in a service area in Shangrao, where he stayed on his way back to Jiangxi, have all been controlled and environmental sampling and elimination have been carried out quickly.A total of 18 close contacts were investigated and controlled (6 were Huang’s colleagues in Hangzhou, 9 were family members and fellow villagers who returned to their hometown together, and 3 were gas station staff in a service area in Shangrao, among which 6 were from other provinces and had sent letters for assistance). There were 18 close contacts during the investigation and control, and all of them were isolated in a single room. Nucleic acid test results were negative.No new local confirmed case was reported in Jiangxi province from 0 to 24:00 on January 26, 2022, and a new asymptomatic infection was associated with a case from an exception province (Shangrao city).As of 24:00 on January 26, 2022, a total of 952 locally confirmed cases had been reported, 951 had been discharged from hospital, and one death had been reported.No new imported COVID-19 cases were reported in Jiangxi province from 0 to 24 hours on January 26, 2022.As of 24:00 on January 26, 2022, a total of 7 imported cases and associated cases had been reported, and 7 cases had been discharged from hospital, with no confirmed imported cases in hospital.New provincial cases associated with asymptomatic infections: huang a, male, working in a provincial enterprises, by provincial on January 26, the morning drive through shangrao home for the Spring Festival, yiyang command by provincial investigation information told huang a provincial report cases of close contacts, rapid full closed-loop transfer to focus on isolated point.The nucleic acid test results were positive, and combined with the epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, laboratory tests and imaging results, we were diagnosed as “novel coronavirus asymptomatic infection”.At present, the infected person is under medical isolation and all close contacts have been quarantined.From 00:00 to 24:00 on January 26, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 25 new locally confirmed COVID-19 cases (6 in Zhejiang province, all in Hangzhou;Five cases were reported in Beijing, all in Fengtai District.5 cases in Heilongjiang province, all in Mudanjiang City;There were 4 cases in Hebei, all in Langfang;1 case in Tianjin, hebei District;1 case in Shanghai, fengxian District;1 case in Henan province, anyang City;1 case in Xinjiang, in Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture;Corps 1, in the construction corps fourth Division).There were 17 asymptomatic cases in China (11 in Heilongjiang province, including 10 in Mudanjiang city and 1 in Suihua City).Three cases were reported in Xinjiang, all in Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture.Two corps members, all of them in the fourth Division of the Construction Corps;1 case in Jiangxi, Shangrao city).Source: Jiangxi Provincial Health Commission, CCTV news editor: Hou Lingjie approved: Liu Yi approved: Yang Ming ●●●