South Korea study abroad thinking | go to South Korea study abroad, Seoul area university is the only solution?

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South Korea is favored by many overseas students because of its advanced education level, affordable overseas study, and similar culture.There are more than 300 universities in South Korea. Do you know how to choose one?According to statistics, more than 80% of students choose universities in Seoul as their first choice for studying in South Korea. Many students even said that they would not consider universities outside Seoul, which is actually a mistake.South Korea’s Seoul area has many famous schools, convenient transportation, subway in all directions, it is good to find a job, pay is also good, moreover, Seoul life is rich and colorful, study can also experience South Korean culture.So, South Korea to study abroad is not the Seoul area?Actually, Korea studies abroad how to choose a school, the key still wants to see economic ability and whether appropriate oneself.Universities in Seoul are relatively expensive, generally higher than those in non-Seoul areas;The cost of daily living in Seoul is similar to that of first-tier cities in Korea, while the cost of daily living in non-Seoul areas is much smaller.Some students thought of working more jobs in Seoul to supplement their living expenses, but after all, students go to South Korea to study, they can not put the cart before the cart and patronize working to earn money.So must choose a school according to economic strength.It is true that there are many good universities in The Seoul area, but there are also good universities in non-Seoul areas. For example, Kyungnam University, which is named one of the ten most beautiful campuses in South Korea, is located in South Gyeongsang Province of South Korea. Its cultural information major is one of the top 60 majors among universities in South Korea.Hoseo University, ranked fifth in the first world in design, has two main campuses in South Chungcheong Province;Jeonju National University, which was selected as an excellent university and graduate school by the Korea Council for University Education, is also located in North Jeolla Province.In addition to economic conditions, students should also make reasonable planning and comprehensive consideration according to various factors such as the difficulty of applying, the major they choose, the professional level of the college and the campus living environment.Therefore, if students meet good opportunities to study in South Korea, do not blindly follow the trend of choosing universities in Seoul, learn professional knowledge well, improve their own ability, and successfully graduate and get the degree is crucial.