On New Year’s Eve, some people can not go home, in Zhuhai struggle for 18 years are so confused!

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Today is the third day of the New Year xiaobian to wish you a happy New Year, I wish you all the auspicious New Year, xiaobian hope we can go tiger luck, hair tiger wealth.But did not expect, on New Year’s Eve because someone confused booth event…On The Eve of The New Year’s Eve, January 31, every family pasted Spring Festival couplets in advance to welcome the New Year.Pu has been struggling in Zhuhai for 18 years, but this year his family returned to their hometown for the Spring Festival, leaving Pu alone in Zhuhai.Looking at other people’s fireworks gas, Pu mou heart can not help feeling.Fortunately, the same day the company organized employees to eat dinner together, Pu mou early to the company dining hall.The New Year’s Eve dinner lasted nearly three hours, with Pu drinking red wine and his colleagues chatting about life together.After dinner, Pu did not want to go home so early, ready to go to a friend’s office to drink tea and chat.Pu mou saw not much car on the road, thinking that there should be no traffic police on New Year’s Eve, so holding lucky psychology driving Guangdong C3××1D silver car on the road.Pu was driving north along Shuanghu Road when he came to the intersection of Shuanghu Road and Jinhe Road when he saw red and blue lights flashing in front of him, which made him slam on the brakes.’Bad bad, How can traffic police also check cars during the Chinese New Year?’Pu pretended to be calm and changed lanes from the right-most lane to the left.This scene has been golden Bay traffic police brigade Yellow police officer saw, he motioned pu to stop for inspection.Pu had to stop the car, the window just rolled down, a pungent smell of alcohol floated out.Pu mou and Huang police officer a look, then know not to hide past, honest to admit that he drank alcohol.After the alcohol test, the value of three figures, Pu immediately to the Golden Bay central hospital blood.After drawing blood, Pu mou was brought back to the traffic police brigade to sober up, New Year’s Eve, he can only spend here.Po sat in suspense that night, wondering what his blood test results would be.He kept sighing, full of regret.The next day blood test results came out, 127.8mg/100mL, belongs to drunk driving.Pu was held criminally responsible, his driving license was revoked and he could not obtain it again for five years.Pu’s year of the tiger was ruined by his own fluke.In the New Year, we all hope to be in peace, but did not expect that the confused people are more than a Pu……At 4 o ‘clock in the morning on The first day of The Chinese New Year on February 1, a dark blue car, guangdong C3××08, was driving west to east on Zhuhai Avenue and came to sunbird road. The driver accidentally hit the guardrail on the side of the road.Police officer Wang of the Koran Port Traffic Police rushed to the scene and found that the driver, Surnamed Yang, smelled of alcohol and was suspected of drunk driving.Wang conducted a sobriety test on Yang at the scene and took him to namsu hospital for a blood sample. The test result was 151.5mg/100mL, indicating that Yang was drunk driving.Liang said, more than 2 o ‘clock in the morning, he and his friends in Pingsha beer, drink more than 4 o ‘clock, and then drive home, in zhuhai Avenue alcohol top, began to fall asleep, a careless hit the right guardrail.Mr. Yang was criminalized for drunk driving, had his driving license revoked and was banned from retaking the test for five years.Liang took full responsibility for the accident and all losses were borne by himself.During the Spring Festival, the traffic police maintain the traffic order during the day and check the drunk driving every day at night. Drivers and friends, do not drink and drive. The safe travel of you and your family is our biggest wish.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn