Inner Mongolia prison units gathered together to ring off the old season and work a new novel

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Prison units in Inner Mongolia recently held a party to welcome the New Year, and all police staff gathered together to welcome the New Year.The Second Women’s Prison of Inner Mongolia has invited the representatives of the armed police stationed in the prison to join in a gala performance entitled “The Ring of The New Year’s Strong and fierce Riring music”.On behalf of the prison Party Committee, Wang Qin, the secretary of the Party Committee of the Second Women’s Prison, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the police staff who have been fighting and silently persevering for a long time, and paid high tribute to the armed police officers and men who have actively cooperated and fought together for many years.Wang Qin said that in 2022, the prison will continue to maintain a striving attitude, continue to consolidate the good situation of epidemic prevention and control, make every effort to check the hidden dangers of supervision and safety, improve the quality of education and reform, effectively improve the level of safety management, ensure the safety and stability of the prison, and promote the work of the prison to a new level.Artistic performance in the dance “decorated with lanterns” in the prelude, the female police armed for red makeup, with a cheerful dance to convey the blessing of the New Year.The talk show “Workplace Anxiety” performance of the police with solid basic skills and humorous language skills won the audience praised, with humorous language to tell the touching story of the policewoman, express wearing police uniform, youth without regret filled with ambition.Dance “blessing to come”, the performance of the police heroic, god shape both, magnificent, spirited, with neat dance to express the party’s infinite reverence and infinite love for the prison cause.A group of armed police officers performed the original song “The Love of Building Together” in the form of rap, expressing the kinship before duty and mission, the solidarity in fighting against the epidemic, the solidarity in maintaining security and stability, and the unity of the Party and the League in the activities of building together.The songs “Meet in Aobo”, “Sunshine Always After Rain”, “Hulun Buir Prairie”, “Your Answer” and “Stars sea”, with beautiful, inspiring and inspiring melodies, deeply captured the hearts of the audience.The performance came to a successful end with a chorus of happy Chinese Year, sung by members of the prison party Committee and party branch secretaries.The whole performance was rich in content and varied in forms, celebrating the Spring Festival and carrying forward the spirit of The Times. It sang the magnificence of the sunny mountains and rivers and danced the glorious chapter of civilization and harmony.The 2022 Spring Festival reception was held in Baanshuo Prison. The staff of the police welcomed the Spring Festival with laughter.Party secretary of the prison, the warden Zou Bensheng on behalf of the prison to a New Year’s greeting party committee, he pointed out that the justice department, the bureau of prisons in the autonomous region party committee 2021, under the strong leadership of the whole prison bear up and unite as one, have the courage to challenge, forge ahead, to complete the epidemic prevention and control tasks, the successful completion of the to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding, security during the sixth plenary session of the nineteenth,The prisons have achieved sustained security and stability, and new breakthroughs have been made in all aspects of work and new achievements have been made.Prison sincerely hope all prison police staff party committee in the New Year to thoroughly study and apply new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the implementation of the party’s sixth plenary of the nineteenth spirit, always adhere to seek improvement in stability work tone, to further improve the political stance, stick to secure the bottom line, practicing reform objective, around the center of prison work, to ensure the prison safe and stable,At the same time to all prison police staff extend New Year’s greetings.Subsequently, the prison party branch secretaries have also made a New Year’s speech.The artistic performances written and performed by the police staff came on stage. The chorus “Happy Chinese Year” and the solo “Hulun Buir Prairie” brought the performances to a climax. The community performed the dance “Hope”.All kinds of game activities were wonderful, and the scene of the activity kept applause and laughter.The New Year reunion came to a successful end in laughter.Hohhot No. 1 Prison Hohhot No. 1 Prison carefully organized the police staff to welcome the Spring Festival.Wang Wenquan, party secretary and warden of Hohhot No.1 Prison, extended New Year’s greetings to all police staff, their families and retirees on behalf of the prison Party Committee.He said that in 2021, under the strong leadership of the higher party Committees, the police staff have firm faith, the courage to take responsibility, pioneering and selfless dedication, resolutely do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, maintain the security and stability of the prison, carry out in-depth party history study and education and staff education rectification, and the prison has achieved new results and new development in all work.The prison Party Committee earnestly hopes that all the prison police staff will further improve their political position, stick to the bottom line of safety, and do their best to ensure the security and stability of the prison with more enthusiasm, more high attitude and more standard work, so as to escort the Beijing Winter Olympics and the 20th CPC National Congress.This activity set up a guessing note, throw table tennis, happy carry home, happy hula hoop, poker competition and other collective games.The scene of singing and laughing, warm atmosphere, everywhere permeated with the festive atmosphere of the festival.