Great Wall Motor released 2021 financial results: annual revenue of 136.4 billion yuan, planned to pay a dividend of 3.42 billion yuan

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Great Wall Motor officially released 2021 financial results.Despite the impact of chip and epidemic factors, Great Wall Still achieved a remarkable performance in terms of operating revenue of 136.4 billion yuan, up 32.04% year on year, and net profit of 6.73 billion yuan, up 25.41% year on year.The data show that Great Wall Motor vigorously promotes the transformation and constantly excavates the growth potential of the business strategy is gaining market returns, enterprise competitiveness and growth of stable improvement, the core financial indicators continue to improve.Great Wall Motor annual report data also disclosed that in 2021 after the reduction of equity incentive fees net profit of 7.63 billion, a year-on-year growth of 39.75%;By December 31, 2021, the total assets of Great Wall Reached 175.41 billion yuan, up 13.89% from the end of 2020.Net cash flow from operating activities was 35.32 billion yuan, up 581.61% year on year;The balance of cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period was 27.91 billion yuan, up 105.33% year on year;The company plans to pay an annual final dividend of about 650 million yuan, and has paid a dividend of 2.77 billion yuan in the middle of 2021, and a dividend of 3.42 billion yuan for the whole year, with a dividend ratio of more than 50.81%.Great Wall motor said that in 2022, it will continue to focus on category innovation, continue to optimize the product mix, firm global development, and actively promote the upgrading and implementation of electrification and intelligent technology, accelerate the transformation process of “global intelligent technology company”.Subdivision market share increase in 2021, the Great Wall last activation category market, break the barrier of the category, the world’s first car tanks brand establishment and salon show, listed the harvard red rabbit, and CARDS mocha, wei wei – PHEV, wei latte macchiato DHT DHT, tank 300 city edition, new product category, such as euler good cat GT market influence to speed up,The annual sales of new cars exceeded 1.28 million, up 14.79% year on year, laying a solid foundation for the sound financial indicators.The market share of all brands of Great Wall Motor continues to improve.Among them, Euler sold 135,000 units in 2021, up 140% year on year, and remained in the first camp in the domestic new energy vehicle market.Tank broke the category barriers of urban SUV and off-road SUV, and delivered 85,000 units in the whole year, accounting for more than 50% of the market share of hard-drive OFF-road vehicle, firmly taking the first place in China’s hard-drive off-road vehicle market.Great Wall Pickup ranked first in pickup sales for 24 years in a row. It sold 233,000 units in 2021, and the global cumulative sales exceeded 2 million units.The product structure of Great Wall Continues to be optimized, and the brand premium ability is improved. In 2021, the overall average price of a single vehicle is over 106,000 yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 15.02%.From January to February this year, the sales volume of models over 150,000 yuan of Great Wall Motor increased to 15.5%, and that of intelligent models increased to 88.1%. High-value and intelligent products gradually became the main sales force of the company, further boosting the steady rise of performance.Since 2022, a number of high-value models have been launched, and the growth of the company continues to strengthen.Among them, Mocha DHT-PHEV created a new category of “0 anxiety intelligent electric”, created a new standard of 300,000 class luxury new energy SUV, and started the first shot of Wei brand’s impact on high-end new energy market;Tank500 opens up a new category market with its tender brand proposition, and breaks the “import monopoly” of large-displacement off-road SUV with its benchmarking hard-core strength.In 2021, Great Wall Motor achieved overseas sales of nearly 140,000 vehicles and overseas revenue of 16.16 billion yuan, accounting for 11.85% of its operating revenue, with a year-on-year growth of 142.24%.The continuous growth of overseas performance results from a number of models going overseas.In 2021, global products such as the third-generation Haval H6, Haval JOLION and Great Wall Gun will be launched in many overseas markets.In 2021, Great Wall will continue to take the leading position in Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Chile and other places.At the same time, it actively explores new overseas markets, successively landing in Thailand, Egypt, Nepal, Brunei, Pakistan, Laos and other new markets, and continuously attacking high-potential markets such as Europe.In addition, The global production layout of Great Wall Motor has been further improved, with the production of Rayong plant in Thailand and the acquisition agreement of Ilasemapolis plant in Brazil completed in January this year.Great Wall Motor will invest 9.07 billion yuan in R&D in 2021, up 76.05% year-on-year and accounting for 6.65% of its operating revenue, providing strong technical support for product experience upgrading. Models based on the three major technology brands account for a continuous increase, reaching 75.1% in January-February this year.In 2022, Great Wall Motor will accelerate the layout of electric and intelligent technology.In the field of electrification, Great Wall Motor will accelerate the progress of enterprise electrification, Dayu Battery technology will be applied to its new energy series models, and cobalt-free batteries will be carried on a larger scale.In the field of intelligence, Great Wall Motor will continue to improve the depth of intelligence of its products on the basis of the coverage of Internet of vehicles applications of Haval, Weitai, Euler, Tank and Great Wall Gun. The new electronic and electrical architecture of Great Wall Motor based on central computing and regional will be launched in China.In 2022, facing the challenges of rising raw material prices and chip supply shortage in the automotive industry, Great Wall Motor will take active measures to ease pressure on the supply chain, accelerate the transformation into a “global intelligent technology company”, and strive to achieve a new round of high-quality development with a healthier and sustainable corporate development model.