Xuanwei: low temperature rain and snow caused damage to urban water supply facilities water supply and drainage company emergency repair to ensure water supply

2022-05-07 0 By

As a result of strong cooling and rain and snow low temperature weather, xuanwei urban area many water pipes, water meters were seriously damaged, from the early morning of 21, the city water supply and drainage company hotline repair calls increased significantly, the staff went into the community repair disposal, to ensure the safety of water supply smooth.At 2pm on The 23rd, a citizen called the water supply service hotline 7175462 to report that several water meters in harmony Home district were broken and water pipes were leaking seriously.More than 10 minutes later, maintenance personnel arrived at the scene and quickly closed the valve of the water supply pipe to replace the broken water meter and restore the water supply.Li Ang, director of engineering technology department of Xuanwei Water Supply and drainage Company, said: “So far, we have rushed to repair more than 100 households, most of which are suffering from frozen glass meters and water pipes.”Affected by the low temperature on the 21st and 22nd, xuanwei’s main urban area has been frozen and water supply has been cut off. The old residential area and some new residential areas are particularly obvious at the shady air outlet, and the damaged area is concentrated in the internal pipe network of users.Xuanwei city water supply and drainage company manager Wang Xingzhou introduced: “affected by the freezing weather, the city’s water facilities and equipment are affected and damaged to varying degrees, we focus on manpower and material resources to repair, the water supply and water treatment facilities for all-round inspection and maintenance, the city’s water supply is stable and normal.”Water supply and drainage company said that the frozen situation has been found, the company will be fully follow-up, timely treatment.Wang Xingzhou, manager of Xuanwei Water supply and drainage Company, said: “In the next few days, as the temperature rises, the situation of frozen water pipes will further increase, we will do our best to ensure water supply, protect people’s livelihood, and strive to deal with it in the shortest time to ensure the normal life of citizens.In recent days, the water supply and drainage company organized emergency repair personnel 50 people, dispatched emergency repair vehicles 12, in the urban area of the city’s water facilities and equipment divided groups, as of 24 o ‘clock on the 23rd, the company accepted 1600 hotline, processing damaged water leakage problem more than 1000.In view of the current rain, snow and freezing weather, in order to ensure the normal water supply, the municipal Water supply and drainage Company has made scientific dispatching, invested 2 million yuan as maintenance reserve fund, prepared all kinds of emergency spare parts, machinery and vehicles and other equipment, to ensure the smooth water supply service hotline and the reasonable allocation of urban pipe network pressure.At the same time, the municipal water supply and drainage company hopes that the majority of users cooperate with the company to do a good job of daily maintenance work, because of the snow and ice weather affect the normal water supply inconvenience, but also hope that the public to understand and support.In case of water supply problems, the public can call the 24-hour water supply hotline at 7175462.